Meet the Artist: Gunes Caglarcan

Represented by ACT Contemporary

Güneş Çağlarcan, a multidisciplinary painter and pianist from Istanbul, Turkey, explores the relationship between perception and human relations in his art. His main areas of interest are the human mind, human relations and inner reflection. He focuses on the effect of both the mind and the heart on human perception as relational.

Çağlarcan’s work explores psycho-visuals and manipulation of human perception to look for any relationship between objects and past experiences. He uses perception as an element of composition, the ultimate decoder that effortlessly challenges the brain to identify objects. As a pmusician as well as a painter, Caglarcan finds the relationship between music and visuals and adopts these materials as a formal structure. He collaborates with composers and performers in his exhibitions and installations.

As the artist describes, “My artwork delves into the unexplored world of hidden emotional situations that influence human behavior. Through my art, I aim to provoke individuals to explore more profoundly and confront their inner selves and the deeper emotions that shape our daily attitudes and lives, often aspects we tend to avoid.”

At Red Dot Miami 2023, Çağlarcan will be showcasing his Shadows Collection. In this collection, he undertakes the impact of global upheavals, thrusting health, peace, and happiness into the limelight while unearthing sorrows and fears that we either dismissed or concealed. The work presents an opportunity to engage the viewer on a deeper emotional level which for Çağlarcan became an amazing construct to spread art, love and friendship.


To learn more about the artist, visit Red Dot Miami, Booth 418 or the artist’s website:  or Instagram:

About ACT Contemporary

ACT Contemporary, based in Miami, provides art consultancy services for artists with wonderful results on an international level. Nazan Aktan is the principal, managing and assisting emerging and mid-career contemporary artists, advising them on positioning, branding, developing and monetizing of their careers at all levels. 

Working with Turkish artists as well as international artists, Aktan eases the artist’s competitive journey with project strategies and branding opportunities, creating, communicating, and implementing the artists vision, mission, and direction.


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