Meet The Artist: Dilek Uzunoglu Ors

Represented by ACT Contemporary

Born in Izmir to architect parents, Dilek Uzunoglu Ors’s interest in painting began at a young age. After her undergraduate studies in economics and a postgraduate degree in business administration, she worked in managerial positions in various multinational companies.

Ors had the opportunity to continue her interest in painting during the pandemic and developed a passion for abstract expressionism which led her to further develop her talent as an abstract painter. She is known for her bold use of color and complex layering. Her abstract style allows the viewer to have a visual experience that evokes feelings of well-being, joy of life, and dreaming.

Ors explains her inspiration and process: “I take my inspiration from nature, music, cinema, literature, and stories of everyday people. I am trying to interpret the world the way I see it, and I am in a continuous search for freedom and balance. I love to work with different materials and tools including those recycled, use uncommon color matches, and create texture. I am in search of more dynamics and light in painting and experimenting with different materials and techniques. In my working process, I am following the unconscious. The colors are used autonomously and give the drive for the creation. I am working with multilayers and with recycled paints and found objects, which are integrated into the canvas to create depth and texture.”

Ors’ goal is to create a personal work containing variations that never end, always trying to continue the process of creating and sharing. Art becomes a journey for the artist to seek meaning and self-fulfillment. Her paintings consist of layers and thickness, some with more transparent colors and spontaneous brush movements. Through her art, she hopes to spread her energy and joy of life with other people.

Influenced by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Damian Hirst, she revels in their experimentation with various methods and mediums, and how they were able to create works that were unlike anything that had been seen before. Ors aspires to do the same with her use of color and layering techniques.


To learn more about the artist, visit Red Dot Miami, ACT Contemporary, Booth 418.

About ACT Contemporary

ACT Contemporary, based in Miami, provides art consultancy services for artists with wonderful results on an international level. Nazan Aktan is the principal, managing and assisting emerging and mid-career contemporary artists, advising them on positioning, branding, developing, and monetizing their careers at all levels. 

Working with Turkish artists as well as international artists, Aktan eases the artist’s competitive journey with project strategies and branding opportunities, creating, communicating, and implementing the artist’s vision, mission, and direction.


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