Spectrum Miami 2023 Spotlight Program Recipients

Spectrum Miami 2023 Spotlight Program Recipients

Spectrum Miami 2023 returns to Mana Wynwood December 6-10. Hosted by Redwood Art Group, Spectrum Miami features over 250 exhibitors under one roof. Get to know this years Spotlight Program recipients below.

Ashley Joan Art – Booth 1214

The Human Condition: An Artistic Exploration by Ashley Joan

Drawing from the intriguing question of what it would look like if our emotions were made visible, Ashley Joan crafts art that delves into the intricate relationship between emotional and physical experiences. Utilizing a layered approach, her paintings meld evocative imagery with compelling human portraits, aiming to ignite conversations about external appearances and internal emotional complexities.

Her choice of subject matter varies, often reflecting her emotional state during the early conceptual stages of her work. Sometimes, she explores the microcosm of human cellular structure to evoke emotional responses. At other times, she incorporates elements like seascapes to demonstrate how our environment influences our mental state. Given the ever-changing nature of human emotions, Ashley finds herself with an endless reservoir of inspiration for her art.

Carolina Vargas Reis – Booth 1122

Artistic Alchemy: Melding Texture, Color, and Emotion

Born into a Colombian family where traditional professions reigned, she initially followed a path into engineering and finance before relocating to Canada and answering the innate irresistible drive to create art.

Abandoning a successful finance career, Carolina embraced her true calling—painting a unique reality through a multidisciplinary approach. Her artwork – whether in the form of paintings or photographs – serves as an emotional and social commentary, incorporating a medley of characters and influences that have touched her life. She experimented with a range of materials and textures, from paint and wax to collage, driven by a dedication to explore and portray the complexities of human experience.

Justin Ruby – Booth 1312

Elevating art to new dimensions, Justin Ruby is a groundbreaking artist from Pennsylvania who merges contemporary culture with traditional portraiture through an innovative approach. Specializing in collaged portraits crafted from deconstructed sneakers, Justin offers a fresh perspective on consumption and identity in today’s society.

His work delves deep into our collective psyche, examining how material goods shape our self-concept. Though primarily using sneakers as the medium for his collage work, Justin has also integrated materials as diverse as Louis Vuitton fabrics and Tootsie Pop Wrappers, capturing the zeitgeist in every piece.

Kushiani Jayasinha – Booth 1109

Kushlani Jayasinha is a unique talent in the art world, born and raised in Sri Lanka during challenging social times. Her artistic journey is as multifaceted as her background, blending her Buddhist upbringing with her tech-savvy career in Silicon Valley and her scholarly pursuits in physics.

While her work may appear abstract, there’s an undeniable scientific undertone; each piece reflects her conscious consideration of physical properties. The resulting art strikes a unique balance: it’s both tactile and dreamlike, offering viewers a truly unique sensory experience — whether it’s an ethereal coastal mist, a distant city shrouded in fog, or a serene body of water.

Monica Arche – Booth 1114

A Life Sculpted in ArtBorn in San Juan, Puerto Rico due to her parents’ forced exile from Cuba, Monica Arche grew up in Miami, Florida. She hails from a distinguished line of Cuban artists. Her paternal grandfather, Jorge Arche, and great-uncle, Aristides Fernandez, are both significant figures in Cuba’s modern art movement and are today regarded as Cuban Masters.

From a young age, Monica displayed an insatiable creative drive, evolving into a prolific artist committed to generating an expansive body of work throughout her lifetime. Fueled by an irrepressible inner force, Monica has devoted her life to the continuous act of artistic creation. She currently resides in Miami, Florida, where she continues to make significant contributions to the art world.

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