Artexpo New York 2022 Spotlight Program Recipients

Artexpo New York 2022 Spotlight Program Recipients

Artexpo New York is an iconic fine art destination, now in its 45th year, that hosts more than 200 innovative exhibiting galleries, art publishers and dealers, and artists from across the globe, showcasing original work of 1000+ artists that includes prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, giclee, lithographs and glass works, among other contemporary and fine art.

Throughout its four historic decades in contemporary and fine art, Artexpo New York has hosted the likes of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring, and Leroy Neiman; intensifying the discourse on today’s industry challenges and magnifying the very best the fine art world has to offer.

This year’s Artexpo New York takes place April 7-10, 2022, at Manhattan’s newest destination for art, Pier 36. Each year, the fair’s special programs range from immersive artist-led Art Lab experiences to compelling Art Talks and exciting Meet the Artist sessions.

From the amazing list of exhibitors, Artexpo’s curators present their Spotlight Program, providing collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries and artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts.

Check out this year’s Spotlight Program recipients below!

Will Schmahl – Works By Will – Booth S110

From his unusual use of colors, Will creates a psychological narrative within each piece depicting his journey in life. Once you follow Schmahl, you will find a recognizable style of abstract paintings that have a way of making you feel something. Whether it’s a sense of pain, a burst of energy, or a memory that is relatable. His works have the ability to transform a room and get you excited about art.

John Dowling – John Dowling Fine Art – Booth 325

Dowling’s art odyssey began in the ’80s. While recovering from a devastating illness he spent time painting his photos on his laptop as art therapy. Dowling was and is a preeminent photojournalist and fine art photographer and has photographed countless celebrities, models, politicians, executives, wildlife, landscapes and nature, high-profile events, and life in general. What makes Dowling’s work so unique is his extensive use of layers that cause each viewer to have different perceptions of what they see. A unique technique of leading the viewer to have false affirmations of what they see, as well as challenging the human conscious mind to see what actually exists. What will you see?

Jeremiah Heller, Curator – End to End Gallery – Booth 104

End to End, E2E is a Graffiti & Street Art term that refers to a huge graffiti piece that covers a wall from one end to the other. On a subway train, it refers to a piece that covers the entire train, end to end. The street abbreviation is E2E.

This lexicon has been the inspiration behind End to End Gallery in our Downtown Hollywood Florida Showroom. We have curated an End to End space featuring a curated collection of modern and urban contemporary art from Jeremiah’s personal collection that truly embodies the meaning of the term and creates a unique viewing experience. Placing works from our personal collection allows the works to be viewed publicly and allows us to educate and share our passion for the works within the collection.

Gregory Bedford – Bedford Fine Art – Booth 237

Gregory Bedford’s wide sphere of life experiences fosters his creativity and design, all of which are major elements in his abstract paintings. This multi-talented artist began abstract collage painting during his breaks from acting. Painting provided Bedford with another outlet to release his creative energy, as well as to experience alternative methods for his creative process. His passion for the arts began as a ten-year-old. His introduction into stage and the arts came naturally: his father was an art teacher for 30 years. A method actor by trade, he becomes one with his work not only in the moment on stage or in film but also in his art studio.

Mikheil & George Mikaberidze – Mikheil & George Family Art – Booth S903

A father and son art team formerly from Tbilisi, Georgia, now reside and create their works in Brooklyn, New York. They have participated in various international exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and USA. The art exudes a sense of hidden depth in character masked by an almost childish playfulness in color and theme.

Erick Picardo – Picardo Colors – Booth S410

Picardo is a multidisciplinary Afro-Caribbean artist based in Michigan, whose work makes a statement about the mystic order of existence and its relationship to everyday life. Using a combination of oil and acrylic, Picardo portrays figures using color to entrance viewers, drawing them into a world of music and dance. He envisions his paintings serving as a reminder of all that humanity is capable of being, inspiring viewers to strive toward a better self and better world.


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