Artexpo New York Spotlight Artist Erik Jensen

Artexpo New York Spotlight Artist Erik Jensen

Artexpo New York 2021, taking place October 28-31, will feature hundreds of talented artists and galleries from around the world. The event, held at Pier 36, is bringing back its popular Spotlight Artist program this year, awarding six cutting-edge artists for their skills and achievements.

Utah native and Artexpo New York Spotlight Artist, Erik Jensen, is amping up the usage of recycled computer keys to make mesmerizing images with dyed keys. Married and with two kids in tow, Jensen creates in his home-based studio in Salt Lake City and travels all over the country to festivals and shows, and ships his art pieces to collectors all over the world.

“Due to the inside components of computer keyboards, they are recycled through an “e-waste” recycling company. However, did you know that keyboards can’t fully be recycled? Even though they shouldn’t, many end up in the landfill and hurt our environment. What I do is take what a lot of people consider to be trash and make them beautiful again. I get the broken-down boards that don’t function anymore, remove the keys and wash them, and then I dye some of them for colors and use the others as their natural colors. With a pixelation in mind, I then create with the keys an image that might look simply like a picture through your phone but up close are mesmerizing with colors and textures. I also include words or quotes with the characters of the keycaps to add an additional layer to the artwork, which makes it a great conversational piece.”

For Artexpo New York 2021, Erik Jensen will be displaying three portraits of influential people throughout history. The color palettes in this collection vary from soft and gentle to vibrant and bold colors.

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Don’t miss this talented artist October 28-31 at Pier 36. Booth #RA-9.

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