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Redwood Art Group Spotlight Artists – June 2020

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Art Business News is a business partner with Redwood Media Group. We are intrigued by Redwood’s new Online Art Marketplace, where art enthusiasts and collectors can shop a curated collection of artwork from the artists and galleries that exhibit at Redwood’s art fairs. Of course, at ABN, we’re always looking for artists to shine the spotlight on because of their talent, creativity, and resulting artworks. We are thrilled to introduce you to our current obsessions from Redwood—14 artists you’ll definitely want to watch and collect. This group includes painters, sculptors, and photographers with already flourishing careers as well as those just bursting onto the art scene. We’re excited to bring their cutting-edge talent to the forefront. 

Amy Shekhter | Studio Jackie

Amy Shekhter in the studio (1)

Amy Shekhter is a pop artist inspired by iconic figures of the past and her love of today’s fashion. She uses a creative mix of mediums, combining digital design with various layers of texture found from resin, crystals, glitter, and paint. By putting a modern spin on familiar imagery, Shekhter’s pop art not only introduces younger generations to these important icons but also touches on materialism and values in today’s culture.

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Clare O’Neill 

Clare-ONeill-with artwork (1)

Each piece of Clare O’Neill’s work is beautifully created with intent—each with its own story to tell. Working in mixed media, O’Neill combines her photographs with pigments, wax, and oils, adding a sense of mystery and intrigue to her contemporary photo encaustic paintings. O’Neill uses rich imagery, bold brush strokes, and playful drips to create paintings full of gesture, spontaneity, and motion. It’s a labor-intensive process where the photographs are printed on tissue paper in multiple pieces and then carefully embedded into layers of hot beeswax. The result is a stunning, modern, ethereal design with a warm textural appeal.

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Diana Vurnbrand | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Diana Vurnbrand with her artwork

With prestigious degrees from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and the New England School of Photography in Boston, Diana Vurnbrand is inspired by 15th-century paintings to create powerful yet romantic portraits of women. She creates models of romantic rooms, then photographs the image as the last step of her artistic process. The real work takes place in the construction of the elaborate headdresses and painted backgrounds, fabricating an atmosphere of mystery and romance and developing an interaction and statement between mother nature and strong beautiful women.

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Diego Guti | Studio Jackie

diego guti in the studio working. (1)

Award-winning artist Diego Guti was born in Colombia and achieved academic success at both the Miami International University of Art and Design and the University of Antioquia. Interested in creating artistic works aimed at the intervention of social problems, Guti work predominantly features urban aesthetics and themes. With clear reflections about life on the streets and mass consumerism, Guti approaches the individuality of the human being from the perspective of the daily differences of each side of the social gap. From this, he draws his inspiration.

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Dmitry Syrov | Syrov Art 

Dmitry Syrov with artwork 1

Born in Russia, Dmitry Syrov studied geology and geography after high school but found that this was not his path in life. By 25, he had totally dedicated his efforts towards his beloved craft of art. Syrov believes in the freedom of art. His paintings are sensual, passionate poetry, locked away on a canvas. Embracing the mood of the painter, viewers are forced to live, dream, and become unbounded by their imagination. The search for balance and harmony on the canvas becomes self-evident in both his impressionism and abstract paintings. Syrov is an artist unwilling to let the negative products of civilization hold him back, believing that it is better to love the world around him than to live in the tension of hating it. Rather than scare or shock or reflect the reality of today, it is better to move on into eternity, fantasizing, pleasing, and realizing people’s dreams. No character is needed: His reality is on the canvas. He creates without system or rules, letting the atmosphere of the painting speak. 

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Jacinthe Rivard | Studio Jackie

Jacinthe Rivard

Jacinthe Rivard lives in a little town just outside Montreal, Canada. For years, she had been painting portraits. Then, one day in 2017, she painted a six-pack of Coca-Cola. The response was overwhelmingly positive, so she started painting more objects from her youth. She realized that a vintage telephone could bring a range of emotions—like that first love, sitting by that phone waiting for them to call. A water gun can bring back memories of younger days playing in the yard on a hot summer day. She also loves to paint food items. Food makes people happy, and that is what her art is all about. Rivard paints in oil from photographs she takes herself. She can spend hours behind her camera, trying to make water droplets stay on a Perrier bottle or to make three donuts balance on top of one another. When you see her paintings, they look like a photo until you take a closer look. Then the brushstrokes and all the texture are revealed. It’s hard not to touch them and “feel” the painting. Today, she is internationally recognized, awarded, and collected. 

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Jackie Fuchs | Studio Jackie

Jackie Fuchs - gucci girl and me

Strewn with waggish details of high society, the collages and dog sculptures that spring from the imagination of Jackie Fuchs invite the viewer, with a series of visual winks, to momentarily delight in the absurdity and artifice of the blue-chip contemporary art world.  Everyone knows what she is referencing. Her scenes are glamorous but, somehow, not entirely fun—like a fancy party you would go to just to snoop through the big house. The figures, too, seem to occupy the space as art objects. Fuchs’ images, if taken seriously, offer a kind of Hirstian dystopia of the contemporary art community. Hers is an all-too-familiar world in which art is, like an Hermés bag, a symbol of wealth, status, and a certain kind of cultural literacy—something to be hung above a mid-century lamp, gazed from behind Chanel sunglasses, and Instagrammed. Her work is definitely recognizable and relatable and collected.

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Janet Bothne 

Janet Bothne in the studio-BioPic2

Mixed media artist Janet Bothne has been “weaving” with paint for over three decades. Although her focus shifts from time to time, her signature of vibrant color remains. Bothne has been passionate about the power of color throughout her life. “I see color akin to music,” she says. “It’s no coincidence they both can be described in terms such as soft, loud, or bright—they have keys and tones. To put it simply, music is color for the ears, and color is music for the eyes.” Her work has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums across the U.S., and her collectors span the globe. She currently resides in New Mexico and works out of her studio in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.

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Luis Kaiulani | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Luis Kaiulani with his artwork

Growing up as a child in Hawaii, Luis Kaiulani describes his influence as a mixture of culture, nature, geography, and philosophy. His upbringing involved absorbing all of the wonders of the Hawaiian forests, playing in the sands on secluded beaches, meditating on mountaintops, and diving into one of the world’s most amazing bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean. Although he credits his affinity toward nature to this idyllic time, there is another side of Kaiulani that is fiery, passionate, and aching for excitement. He attributes this to his Latin American heritage. For the past 20 years, Kaiulani’s attention to fluidity, mindfulness, and color dimension brings his artworks into a realm all of their own. Kaiulani creates abstract works that draw from his Hawaiian and Venezuelan backgrounds and are expressed via his sculptures, paintings, and art objects. For the onlooker, his work simultaneously feels strong and imaginary, much like the archipelago he hails from. His focus on color brings to life his work’s objective. “My art is a metaphor for nature’s constant quest for growth through learning, experience, and contribution,” he says. And this objective is made evident when one looks at the color and rhythm his works exude. Kaiulani’s amazing sculptures are each a testimony to his life force.

Shop Luis Kaiulani >

Maddi Ring

Maddi Ring On a Shoot 2

As a self-taught photographer, Maddi Ring has traveled extensively to over 80 countries, exploring remote parts of the world and seeking out unusual images of people, still life, landscape, and architecture. Her focus is often on remote areas, though there are more popular travel destinations, including her home city of New York, in her collection. She uses both color and monochromatic tonal ranges to reproduce the scene and set the mood. Then, working in an image transfer process, she creates a completely different watercolor effect. She also uses digital manipulation on select images to produce tinted black-and-white images as well as fanciful color abstracts.

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Rose Masterpol | Studio Jackie

Rose Masterpol with Blue District

Rose Masterpols work emphasizes multilayered systems of abstraction within time and space. All of Masterpol’s paintings have a geometrical component as well as an emotional relationship and meaning. The paintings are either from the gestural action painting part of her career (energetic, chaotic, free form) or the newer body of works that are narratives of the “language of shape.” Masterpol’s newer collection is called “The Geometrix,” representing a shift and departure from her previous more gestural work but containing residual remnant style, shape, thought, and emotion from the prior works. She designs them digitally and then draws the shapes on canvas. Then the painting begins. Masterpol has been a graphic designer for over 25 years. Today, the two mediums are a collaboration—a marriage of the digital virtual world into a two-dimensional surface world. The imagery comes from the choreography of melding organic shapes that embody and influence a formal relationship among structure, form, movement, tension, transparency, hierarchy, flotation, and emotion. Her works are literally a ligature between contemporary art and mid-20th-century design.

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Stefanie Demas 

Stefanie Demas - In the Studio

Born in Brooklyn before it was cool, Stefanie Demas is a self-taught—and still Brooklyn-based—artist. Endlessly inspired by wildlife, she uses ink, oils, and watercolor to paint portraits of endangered species. Her work depicts the powerful beauty of these animals while also reminding us of their precarious and possibly fleeting existence. She strives to raise awareness of the climate crisis and resulting in mass extinction through her art. A portion of all proceeds is donated to wildlife conservation charities.

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Tysen Knight | Studio Jackie

Tysen Knight with his art

American street artist Tysen Knight grew up during the peak of the street art movement and has been inspired by the works of famous street artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Knight’s art style also reflects the styles of fine artist Pablo Picasso and pop artist Andy Warhol. He uses these influences to create unique pop culture graffiti pieces that can not only be found on city murals but also in fine art galleries. His work transitions between two worlds, fine art meshed with street art and graffiti all coming together to help him cultivate his style. He has created something new that captivates people from all walks of life. 

Shop Tysen Knight >

Joseph R. Locke | JRL Artistry 

Joseph Locke - On a shoot - Portfolio Image - 2

JRL Artistry is Joseph Locke’s photography studio based in Brooklyn. He specializes in transforming original photography into unique works of art. Locke believes there are no boundaries on how one’s view of photography can be shaped. Art can expand, evolve, and inspire. Therefore, there’s one element woven into the fabric of what he creates and that’s quality. Quality from the angle of perception to the equipment used to capture the vision to the material images are printed on to remarkable imagery that will wow collectors. In short, Locke believes quality is his art.   

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