Meet the Gallery: Galerie Minrath

Galerie Minrath is an art gallery based in Germany & Majorca. They are one of the Artexpo New York 2023 Spotlight Recipients. Get to know Galerie Minrath below!

Artwork by Patrizia Casagranda for Galerie Minrath

Q: Introduce yourself and your gallery — who you are and what is your vision?

A: After being successful as a freelance artist for more than two decades I decided to support other rising artists and started my gallery business a few years ago. While I do aim to support mainly unknown talents, I always select them with an eye on their potential as well as their fit to my gallery profile. With my gallery, I seek to demonstrate the power and variety of young, modern contemporary art.

 Q: What is your background? 

A: Growing up in a family of artists in Cologne, I developed a passion for colors and shapes at an early age. At a young age, I was drawn to Paris, Bordeaux, and Biarritz for several years. I finally returned to Cologne (Germany) with experiences and impressions from the impressive French art landscape. As a contemporary abstract artist, I attract attention with special materials, unusual surface structures, and expressive coloring in expressive acrylic paintings.

Q: What is your work philosophy and how does that impact your gallery?

A: Above all it is my philosophy to keep looking for new talents that correspond to my personal idea of ​​art and ultimately mean an enrichment for me and not least for my customers and collectors. Beyond this, I need to fall in love with a new piece of art. Whenever I am approached by new talents, I can normally tell within seconds whether their artworks touch me or not and if it does, chances are good that we can discuss cooperation. And maybe I even dream to influence the contemporary art scene a bit with my selections of art and artworks?!

Artwork by Patrizia Casagranda for Galerie Minrath

Q: What artist(s) inspire you?

A: In general, I am impressed by modern art and how it’s developed – whether it’s visual arts, sculptures, media art, etc. And since I believe that art is so varied and colorful, I find it difficult to name just a few artists. But the one who impacted me the most art most likely: were Jackson Pollack, Guenther Uecker, Gerhard Richter, and Mark Rothko.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve received?

A: While I cannot name a specific person such as a mentor or teacher, I would say that the most important advice for me throughout my career was to follow my own ideas and inspirations and trust my own feelings without listening to the advice of others. I do accept the advice of my wife daily though.

Artwork by Patrizia Casagranda for Galerie Minrath

Q: When you are not working, where can we find you?

A: I am an absolute beach person and sun worshipper. The sun is my elixir of life. This is probably one of the reasons why I lived on the French Atlantic coast when I was young and now have a second location in Mallorca / Spain. Days without sun are literally lost days for me…

Q: What does exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2023 mean to you?

A: In fact, I am beyond grateful and excited to be exhibiting at Artexpo in New York. Not only because it’s my first international exposure as a gallerist but because it’s New York. I adore the creative energy and power of the city and I am really happy to reach a broader audience with my gallery portfolio.

Hannah Smith is the Features Editor for Art Business News and Social Media Marketing Manager for Redwood Media Group. With a marketing expertise and passion for writing, editing, and all things social, Smith enjoys working creatively and bringing Art Business News stories to life.


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