Art San Diego 2022 Spotlight Program

Art San Diego 2022 Spotlight Program

As Art San Diego returns after a three-year hiatus due to the worldwide pandemic, the contemporary and modern fine art fair will be opening their doors on Friday, September 9, and running through Sunday, September 11, 2022. Presenting its 14th edition this fall, Art San Diego is unique in bringing exceptional artwork from local, national, and international galleries together alongside outstanding show programming, live entertainment, and other exclusive events.

Art San Diego champions the power of the arts to start conversations and bring people and art together. There’s a full slate of special programs including Art Labs, the Spotlight Program, Meet the Artists with Live Demonstrations, and the Discoveries Collection.

The Spotlight Program is a focused look at a curated group of exhibitors that are the most cutting-edge in their field. Here’s an overview of this year’s Spotlight Program recipients!

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s Spotlight Program recipients:

Johannes Boekhoudt, Johannes Boekhoudt Fine Art — Booth 325

Dignity by Johannes Boekhoudt

Boekhoudt is a painter who works in the abstract expressionist style. His creations reflect his passion. He paints to express his displeasure with social injustice. His only goal is to inspire others to make a difference. At the core of his work are his strong ideas on human rights, social justice, children’s rights, and women’s rights. He openly addresses atrocities such as child abuse, domestic violence, organ trafficking, as well as social injustice issues of political instability occurring around the world.

His work is influenced by the works of de Kooning, Basquiat, and Picasso. He creates and captures ideas during the night. In the days that follow, he executes those ideas passionately with a slew of colors onto the linen, oblivious to outside criticism.

Personajes by Johannes Boekhoudt

Boekhoudt’s work is included in a number of public and private collections nationally and internationally. His exhibition at Art San Diego will showcase some of his newest works.

5Art Gallery — Booth 413

Established in the heart of the West Hollywood design district in March 2018, 5Art Gallery was co-founded by Parisian entrepreneurs and art collectors Jean-Jacques and Julie Darmon. The gallery represents a wide array of international pop and urban artists with a special focus on bringing European artists to U.S. collectors.

Pulp Fiction

It is Jean-Jacques and Julie’s mission to provide their clientele with the opportunity to buy art of the finest quality, cultural relevance, and appreciative value. Blessed by the couple’s lucky number, 5Art Gallery is the duo’s joint adventure into the passion that brought them together.

For Art San Diego 2022, 5Art Gallery will be featuring works from renowned international artists such as Kaws, Banksy, Invader, Bearbrick Medicom, Shepard Fairey, among others. It’s no wonder that 5Art Gallery has rapidly become a destination for international art collectors and celebrity clients.

Catalyst Contemporary Gallery — Booth 313

Art that tells stories — that’s what you’ll find at Catalyst Contemporary. Catalyst Contemporary is a fine art gallery located in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood, the cultural heart of the city. Catalyst forges relationships between artists, collectors, and both creative and civic minded individuals. At Art San Diego 2022, Catalyst will be featuring new and existing works by Se Jong Cho, Brian P. Miller, James von Minor, and Arthur Jedson Smalley.

James Gage, Gage — Booth 141

With early memories are of drawing in his mom’s notebooks, Gage won awards throughout school for photography and painting. In high school, he began his pursuit of photography as a business. In college, he was mentored by a well-known artist in his my community. He’s worked in construction, as a welder, operator, carpenter, and foreman.

The Destination Is Yours to Create by James Gage

All these skills build and translate into his work as an artist. Gage’s abstract art begins with his build of the frame, then elements of earth and modern style, design, and architecture all become part of the work. Gage’s painterly strokes are impressive as one can see all of the details, textures, and depth. He aspires to create stunning, solid works of art that astonish the viewer.


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