The Joy of Pop Art

Free and Wild by Ilan Pop Art

Florida-based artist, Ilan Neuwirth, creates art to spark joy. His work features a mix of neon and bold hues. Being drawn to the playfulness of pop art, he believes that “art is fun, it makes me and others smile. It’s old and very rare and some forms of neon are found within the stars. Warhol called neon one of the ‘greatest modern things.'”

Art has been a part of Neuwirth’s life since birth. He draws inspiration from laughter, movement and a free-spirited style- all things that make people smile. The artist, who gets his work ethic from his parents, also draws inspiration form the works of Isreali sculptor and experimental artist, Yaacov Agam, who worked with color, shape, texture, and movement. He also is inspired by Romero Britto, a Brazilian artist whose gallery was next door to his friend’s restaurant in Miami, which he would frequent to find inspiration.

The Peace Vespa by Ilan Neuwirth Pop Art

Pop art is fun, playful, and rather simple, and to Ilan Neuwirth, he is attracted to simplicity, especially that of people – “the way they choose their hair style, clothes, cars, colors and shapes that makes them the artist, not me.” Neuwirth has the ability to put the best of himself into everything he does, including his art. He finds unique objects that speak to him and turns them into his own creations using a variety of techniques to transform them.

“Everybody relates to my art,” says Neuwirth, whose art can be seen December 4-8 at Red Dot Miami 2019. Neuwirth is one of Red Dot’s Spotlight Award Recipients, an award given to cutting-edge galleries and artists.

Propel Ourselves by Ilan Pop Art

Propel Ourselves by Ilan Pop Art

Check out more of Ilan’s work here:

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