Announcing the Artexpo New York Legends

Announcing the Artexpo New York Legends

Artexpo New York is an annual fine art destination, now in its 47th year. This year, it will host more than 200 innovative exhibiting galleries, art publishers and dealers, and artists from across the globe, showcasing original works of 1000+ artists. The range of work includes prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, giclee, lithographs and glass works, among other contemporary and fine art.

Throughout its nearly five historic decades in contemporary and fine art, Artexpo New York has hosted the likes of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring and Leroy Neiman; intensifying the discourse on today’s industry challenges and magnifying the very best the fine art world has to offer. This year, more than 15,000 avid art enthusiasts and industry leaders will return to enjoy the world’s original fine art fair.


Acknowledging the amazing art history of Artexpo New York, Redwood Art Group wishes to commemorate five special exhibitors who have made Artexpo New York a not-to-be-missed event. Each Legend was selected by Artexpo’s curatorial team based on three factors:

    • For 10 years or more, the Legend has consistently exhibited at Artexpo New York with Redwood Art Group
    • Demonstrated unswerving representation of artist innovators, consistently bringing forward-thinking cutting-edge art to the fair
    • Articulate and distinctive presentation of each artist’s work, exceeding all display guidelines


Come to Artexpo New York April 4-7, 2024, at Manhattan’s newest destination for art, Pier 36. Check out the 2024 Artexpo New York Legends. Don’t miss their exceptional exhibits and artists!

Artavita / World Wide Art – Booth 107

World Wide Art began in 2006 with a simple approach of printing an art book presenting the work of noteworthy artists from all over the world. Noteworthy meaning original, with an element of inspiration, vision, originality; plus mastery in the artist’s given medium. Artavita is the online forum for these same artists to be seen and collected. With art that is continually new and fresh from both emerging and established artists, the Artavita World Wide Art curated exhibitions are a must-see at international art fairs.

Artifact – Booth 401

For over 20 years, Artifact has been exhibiting and promoting the work of mid-career and established artists, including paintings, sculptures, photographs and new media. Through art based marketing strategies that engage artists and their work, they provide the guidance and planning to launch, grow and develop artists’ careers. Artifact is located in the Lower East Side, the most exciting art destination of Manhattan close to the Tenement Museum, New Museum, International Center of Photography and over 200 contemporary art galleries.

INNOART – Booth 434

Innoart and Beijing Global Art International bring innovative ideas and boundary pushing concepts and artists together, creating some of today’s most interactive opportunities for experiencing an artist’s vision and creativity. Innoart showcases  art that comes from a versatile and multi-cultural heritage inspiring Artexpo New York collectors.

Mecenavie Gallery – Booth 305

CALAO by CLAUDINE B 95 X 75 cm.

Since 2004, Paris’ Mecenavie Gallery has been serving talented contemporary artists, providing them with high quality services, including exhibitions in French and international art fairs, auction sales and corporate rentals. By striving to give artists opportunity at multiple levels, Mecenavie also gives art lovers and collectors the ability to enjoy, learn about, and collect art at fairs, online, and directly from the artist.

Sammoun Fine Arts – Booth 215

Samir Sammoun – Ballet VII – Oil on linen – 48 x 60 – $41,000

Samir Sammoun celebrates his 29th year exhibiting at Artexpo — it’s where he launched his signature impressionistic style in 1996 and where his collectors and galleries still come to buy his latest masterpieces. A great colorist by nature, Sammoun possesses a rich palette that features more than 30 shades and tones, providing the necessary foundation for his soft point and long-handled brushwork. A landscape artist, Samir Sammoun has a vast repertoire of pictorial themes: willows, apple trees in bloom, wheat fields, olive trees, villages, storms, cityscapes and seascapes. His paintings reflect a tranquil happy mood.


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