Meet CJ Cowden: An Artist and Gallery Owner Who...

Meet CJ Cowden: An Artist and Gallery Owner Who’s Continued to Become Successful Despite the Pandemic

CJ Cowden

Meet CJ Cowden, a Dallas-based artist and gallery owner who has been putting her creativity on canvas since she was little.

As the owner of the newest premier gallery in Dallas, Texas, CJ is constantly searching for new talent with a heavy emphasis on the local art scene. She is an abstract artist herself who has found success showcasing her work internationally for over 4 years.

CJ’s work has been showcased all over the world from New York City to Spain to France as well as in private collections across the United States. Her artwork is intuitive, pulling from her subconscious impressions and influences from the world around her. “I’m always looking for a balance between my light self and my dark self,” says CJ. “I like to work with different media: cold wax, oils, ink, acrylic, as well as a proprietary blend of texturing mediums. I apply my materials to the canvas with a large range of techniques and do not limit myself to a brush-only approach.”

She identifies as an abstract artist and believes in what the great Wolfgang Paaelen once said, “today it has become the role of the painting to look at the spectator and ask him, what do you represent?” CJ wants to create art that draws viewers into a world they may not perceive through an abstract point of view in hopes they will be able to feel a sense of peace while visually exploring her work.

In June of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, CJ opened the doors to her brick-and-mortar gallery, Nuu Muse, located in the Dallas Design District. She has been very successful, despite the circumstances, and continues to not only create art but also help other artists showcase their work. In fact, CJ mentioned that 2020 was her most productive year yet in terms of her art career. She is extremely proud of her success and has continued to make new contacts, expand her reach, grow her brand, and sell art, despite the current situation of our country.

The opening of Nuu Muse has also given CJ the opportunity to support a local charity, Live In My Shoes, a maternity home for homeless women. She has opened her doors to allow women to visit the gallery with their children to enjoy and appreciate local fine art. “Most of them have never visited a gallery before, so I was able to introduce them to the world of art.” Something CJ not only loves doing but is also very good at.

CJ believes in the importance of cultivating an appreciation for art in her community. She is also a mentor for artists and is always finding ways to connect people to art.

Nuu Muse Gallery will be showcasing art this year at the upcoming Spectrum Brooklyn in September and Red Dot Miami in December. Make sure to check out Nuu Muse and follow CJ on Instagram @nuu_muse & @cjcowden_art.

Hannah Smith is the Features Editor for Art Business News and Social Media Marketing Manager for Redwood Media Group. With a marketing expertise and passion for writing, editing, and all things social, Smith enjoys working creatively and bringing Art Business News stories to life.


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