Artist Spotlight: Jackie Fuchs

Jackie Fuchs

In life, some people have a certain “je ne sais quoi” that lights up a room and puts a smile on peoples’ faces. Artist Jackie Fuchs is one of those people. She has the ability to captivate those around her by creating a palpable energy. One would think Jackie has been an artist all her life, yet her career as a painter began only two short years ago.

Jackie Fuchs was in the hair industry for 40+ years, training with top professionals and owning salons in New York City and Provincetown, Massachusetts. Throughout her career as a hairstylist, she put herself through college and graduate school and ultimately became an art teacher in Massachusetts and New York City. Eighteen years ago, Jackie moved to the Hamptons while pregnant and raised her daughter there. While in the Hamptons, Fuchs opened four hair salons and also became a Real Estate agent.

Juggling it all working as a hairstylist, salon owner, Real Estate agent, and mother, Jackie sold ten houses from behind the styling chair. On top of her many jobs, she began sculpting with clay slabs and began her foray into the art world.

clay slab

On Thanksgiving two years ago, she received an unexpected invitation to Philadelphia that changed her career forever. She visited the Barnes Foundation with her daughter and a friend’s family and fell in love with Modigliani’s work. At this point in her life, she was not working with clay anymore, she had just moved out of her home, separated from her wife, and had a desire to create again. She thought to herself , “I wonder if I can paint?” And there it all began.


She began experimenting with 2D medium, something even as an art teacher she never embraced. Her first show was only a few months later where she exhibited fifty pieces and sold seven. She kept painting and experimented with collages after seeing a friend’s 90-something year old mother’s pieces. Fuchs was inspired by the intensity behind the work, giving her permission to lose her shy filter and include nudes from 1970s Playboy magazines in her work. Since then, she has sold over 295 paintings in two and a half years.

Jackie Fuchs Painting

Jackie showed her work in galleries and in her salons in the Hamptons, selling two to three pieces a week. She couldn’t produce fast enough to rehang all the artwork. She then started doing art fairs with Redwood Media Group, almost selling out at each show. She realized she could use her knowledge and energy to help other artists accomplish what she had done at art fairs and pop ups. She helped them with their thinking, guided them in selling their work, curating award-winning booths, and growing as both artists and business-people.  This became the “magic” she brought to each show. 

Jackie’s approach and enthusiasm were shared at Red Dot and Spectrum Miami 2019 when she delivered a presentation during an exhibitor meeting before the show began. Focusing on four key points, Jackie brought an energy to Red Dot Miami and Spectrum Miami that carried out throughout the entire weekend. See her four points here:

1.) Owning Your Attitude

“We all come to our day, events, appointments, choirs, relationships, actually ‘everything,’ with a history of stories we tell ourselves over and over again. We make these ‘stories’ the truth, regardless of reality. My intention is to help people change their thoughts by empowering them, and allowing a new story to unfold, which becomes proof of an abundant experience. With practice, the old projections of negative stories dissipate.”

2.) It’s Not a Competition

“When I was in Real Estate sales, people commented on how competitive the industry is. I had a different view. Once I got a listing (mostly from my salon clients), I had the attitude that all the agents are working for me, showing and selling the house I’ve been allowed to exclusively list. So, like house sales and art sales, the people who want your art have nothing to do with the people who don’t want your art. Find yourselves around artists who bring each other up. Artists who grow together. People love seeing generosity among people. Be generous with your time and creativity and you will attract the same.”

3.) Demonstrate Your Visions

“Simply act as if you’ve sold everything before you get there. Have your face and body language demonstrate your success. Envision abundance, act as if you have it infinitely!”

4.) Stick to It

“Don’t let yesterday’s reality dictate today’s abundance. This takes practice. If your mind takes you to doom and gloom, redirect your thoughts. You have everything you need to do this, so, practice, practice, practice. It will become a habit, if you do. Stay where your shoes are. Remember, this is fun and people love to be where there is joyful energy!”

Jackie placed 15 pieces, plus several commissions at Red Dot Miami 2019, including Jackie Fuchs “Mona Lisa,” “Office Party,”  “I Want My Life in the Clouds,” “Spray Love,” “Play Something For Me I & II,” “Well, Well, Well…” and “What Do We Have Here?” to name a few.

To learn more about Jackie Fuchs and see her artwork, visit:

Hannah Smith is the Features Editor for Art Business News and Social Media Marketing Manager for Redwood Media Group. With a marketing expertise and passion for writing, editing, and all things social, Smith enjoys working creatively and bringing Art Business News stories to life.


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