Art Colleges in America for Applying in 2022

Art Colleges in America for Applying in 2022

If you intend to study art, there are several top colleges to select from. Each school offers a student a unique experience, so you should choose the school you want to attend carefully. In addition, consider whether you are doing an undergraduate, a master’s, or a PhD degree.

If you are a U.S. based art lover and want to continue your studies in that direction, read on. This article will highlight art colleges in America you can apply to in 2022.


Harvard University is considered the number one school for learning art in all of America. This school has more than 20 departments under Arts and Humanities. As a result, students that enroll get to learn:

  • Artwork;
  • Religion;
  • Philosophy;
  • Literature, etc.

Many people choose to study art at Harvard because the students of this school acquire excellent critical thinking abilities. Hence, if they eventually select to study other majors, they possess invaluable knowledge, which is useful in life.

Rahul Jain for Unsplash

Rahul Jain for Unsplash


Established in the 1800s, the Rhode Island School of Design is one of the best colleges in America. Located in Providence, this school operates as a nonprofit. It has a global student population of over 2,000. Just like Harvard University, the college offers students over 20 art majors. In addition, students may participate in continuous courses of different types while studying at this school.


You cannot speak about art studies and not talk about Yale University. This college is among the top three colleges offering an art degree. In their School of Art, students can learn graphic design, painting, filmmaking, and much more. If admitted, a learner will gain a comprehension of art through theory and history. Likewise, a learner can partake in visual courses, which include printmaking, sculpture, and photography. However, you can only gain admission into the art program by passing an evaluation by the university’s artwork school. A student must excel in basic drawing and visual thinking to be considered qualified.

Lucas George Wendt for Unsplash

Lucas George Wendt for Unsplash


To enroll in an art major, you will have to study at Rice University’s Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts. The popularity of the courses offered by this faculty attracts students from departments of engineering, history, science, and much more. These learners take such courses to broaden their thinking and gain perspective.


Stanford University offers interdisciplinary degree programs from the Department of Art and Art History. As such, students can enroll in numerous programs, which include:

  • Artwork practice
  • Art history
  • Film and media studies
  • Video and documentary film

Most of these courses are created to teach students about media, images, and the historical development relating to these fields. Additionally, students’ visual analysis capacity, perception, and admiration for art are developed through the effective use of screening rooms and studios.

Antenna for Unsplash

Antenna for Unsplash


Brown University has a functional Department of Visual Art. It has an excellent reputation for having quality instructors and professors. Similarly, this department works closely with its alumni to further improve their skills. Likewise, students are exposed to historical and contemporary aspects of the course.

Learners who pass through Brown learn about self-discovery, skill-building, and more. These attributes are acquired through courses like video making, sculpture, printmaking, painting, and drawing. In addition, students enrolled at Brown University have the chance to attend classes at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Students who wish to learn art can apply and enroll in any of the top American universities and colleges. Each school has a different approach and unique flavor, so you will definitely find something that speaks to you. Likewise, learners have access to a variety of majors and minors to choose from, so they can choose something they are passionate about. The universities discussed in this article fall under the top 10 art schools throughout the country, so any art lover can make the right choice.

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