How to Style Your Home with Abstract Art

How to Style Your Home with Abstract Art

Many people are afraid of abstract art because it is different and unique. But abstract art is so much more than that — it has a variety of moods that you can adapt to your living space, be bold and take charge of the room, and be gentle and fade away softly into the background of your home. Moreover, abstract art can be incorporated with many different interior designs and styles. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or something in between, there are ways to style your home with abstract art!

And how you can do it will be our topic of the day.


When people think about abstract art, the first thing that comes to their mind is usually a splash of bold colors. Abstract art can indeed be like that, especially if it tries to tell the artist’s story. But this is not always the case. Sometimes a story of abstract art can be told with gentle, simple, and neutral colors. Many artists prefer neutral, earthy, or even soft pastels in their art. These colors will bring warmth to any room and elevate it with elegance.

So, when you decide to style your home with abstract, don’t feel pressured to go bold. Go neutral instead. Moreover, choose colors that match the ‘vibe’ of your room. And, of course, pair them up with nice frames – white frames, for example, match neutral colors the most.

Vecislavas Popa for Pexels

Vecislavas Popa for Pexels


However, if you are not new to abstract art, if you are not afraid to display its bold colors and peculiar shapes, then fill up your space with it. It will make your home look amazing and unique. Just think about all the exciting conversation starters you will have.

But let us get one thing straight — you can’t just hang pictures and photos randomly on the wall, and you can’t just put figurines and other pieces of art randomly on the shelves. Abstract art is abstract enough! You need the order to make it stand out. The best way to do that is to plan where your pieces will go. Use the empty space in your home and experiment with your art pieces there.


Yes, most abstract art is big — paintings, photos, figures, and even things like bowls tend to be more prominent in size when abstract. But, if you want to style your home with abstract art, don’t think that bigger is always better. It is not! Your home will not look aesthetically pleasing if you fill it with a lot of big abstract pieces — they will look ununified, and they will always stand in your way.

So, instead of using big abstract pieces, go small instead. It is much better to fill your space with many small pieces than two big ones. Moreover, we know that sometimes it might be hard to find many art pieces for your home. After all, they should all match. If you experience difficulty when doing this, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional — an art dealer or gallery that you trust. This kind of professional will be able to answer all your questions, fill your collection with some of the best pieces, and make your home look amazing.

ATBO for Pexels

ATBO for Pexels


Who said that art in your home must belong to the same genre? It doesn’t! Moreover, who said that art pieces must stand on an empty wall or have a special place dedicated to them? It doesn’t! You can style your home with abstract art without worrying about your other art pieces, decor, and furniture. Of course, everything should match in a way, but don’t let that be the primary focus of your attention. You can have many colors and styles in your home if an element ties them together.

So, play around with the objects in your room. Put art in the middle of furniture. Experiment with colors. And, if you want to make everything polished, try to match the colors of your abstract art pieces with something in your room. Match it to something smaller – a pillow, a frame of another art piece, a vase, etc. This will make a lot of difference.

Mike’s Photography for Pixabay

Mike’s Photography for Pixabay


If you have a big room and a big, empty wall to fill out, abstract pieces will work in your favor. But, this time, don’t use one big piece or plenty of smaller ones. Use doubles. Many abstract artists create these kinds of pieces called identical or mirrored. These pieces look very similar to one another or connect to one another. They can be a great way to style your home with abstract art, especially if you don’t know where and how to start incorporating abstract art in your home.

Moreover, you can use this idea for many things, not just for pictures and photos in your living room. Doubles look great above bed frames, cabinets, and even above fireplaces. So, don’t be afraid to try this out if you have some space to fill out. Just be careful of the dimensions of the art. The doubles you choose should match the size of what’s underneath them. That is the best way to style your home with abstract art and make it look interesting and unified at the same time.


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