Industry One Showcases Artist Raul Urias’ Ne...

Industry One Showcases Artist Raul Urias’ New Collection

Today INDUSTRY One, a first-of-its-kind commission-free gallery aiming to challenge traditional art exhibition norms, opened its doors to its latest art exhibit, Infinite Human. This showcase features hand-painted originals by the esteemed artist and illustrator Raul Urias.

Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico and currently based in Mexico City, Urias is a distinguished visual artist and illustrator with an impressive portfolio that includes collaborations with global brands like Apple, Nike, Google, and Adidas. Renowned for his vibrant color palette and comic book-inspired visuals, his artistic style seamlessly blends elements of Art Nouveau with classical design principles.

courtesy of INDUSTRY One and Raul Urias

This showcase includes two powerful collections from the artist: Arida and Mística Monumental. The first one represents the poetic journey through the lens of Urias’ home in Chihuahua, Mexico. From the land’s traditions to its cultural heritage, each piece connects Urias’ roots with his identity while shedding light on the beauty, resilience, and diversity of the northern Mexican landscape. The next collection, Mística Monumental, can be described as more of an ethereal body of work. Meant to tap into the inner child, these pieces celebrate the simple act of existing, honing in on the belief that we are the center of our own universe. Its intention is to invite viewers to drop the mask, break the ego, and fill the soul.

courtesy of INDUSTRY One and Raul Urias

Centered in the heart of Portland, at 415 SW 10th Avenue, the Infinite Human exhibition will remain open until Wednesday, May 29th. Raul Urias will take guests on a unique and immersive experience that tells the story of humanity’s existence. INDUSTRY One warmly welcomes all art enthusiasts, local community, and supporters of diverse creativity.

Since its inception in November 2022, INDUSTRY One has embraced a noble mission—to explore and celebrate diversity and sexuality while giving back to the community and the exceptional artists it showcases. The gallery debuted with a captivating display by the New York-based Black chefs’ collective, Ghetto Gastro. Subsequent exhibitions have featured indigenous Mexican artist Josué Rivas, the dynamic Los Angeles creative studio Object & Animal, and the powerful collaborative showcase between Southern California multimedia artist and graphic designer Madsteez (also known as Mark Paul Deren) and the talented It’s a Living (known as Mexican artist Ricardo Gonzalez), titled Sentimientos/Sentiments.

courtesy of INDUSTRY One and Raul Urias

The doors of the exhibition are open to all, welcoming visitors to contribute and support in their own unique ways. Whether through donations or advocacy, INDUSTRY One invites everyone to partake in this transformative experience. If you find yourself in the Portland area, make sure to stop by and be part of this remarkable celebration of art, culture, and the beauty of the human spirit.


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INDUSTRY One is a first-of-its-kind commission-free gallery designed to highlight artists who don’t fit neatly into the traditional art gallery box. The goal is to explore diversity, and sexuality and give back to the community—as well as the artists whose work is featured.


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