How to Get Exposure For Your Artwork

As an artist, you would certainly love your work to be noticed and hopefully convert more of that exposure to cash. Of course, it does take lots of hard work and dedication to get to such an accomplished point in your career. It is Okay that you might be frustrated and dismayed that you are not nailing that crucial exposure. Perhaps, even your online posts are not getting the engagement they deserve, after you worked so hard on an artistic piece. Don’t fret! We are here to help. Here are some of the techniques you can use to gain exposure for your artwork:


The best place to start is to work on your online presence. You need a good website that will allow you to showcase your work. You can direct interested buyers, curators, art collectors, and museums to your website if they want to see more of your work or find updated information about you. You could also use your website to apply for a project or register for an art competition. Fortunately, websites are easy to create and cheap to maintain. You can use builders like Wix to create your first personal website.


Talking of creating a lasting impression, your audience won’t know how good you are if you don’t showcase the pieces you have already made. Again, one of the best ways to get exposure to your artwork is to create a killer portfolio where visitors and potential clients can see all your art in one place. Take time to gather all your work, take quality photos, and post them on a separate section of your website.

Photo courtesy of Freepik

Photo courtesy of Freepik


Now that you have a polished website, it’s high time you beef it up with quality content that will keep your audience coming back for more. After all, your clients won’t be interested in your stuff if they have no idea what they are buying. Your strongest skill is visual not written, but you can still be creative enough to play with the words in the product description. You could also spice things up and write about the creative process and all the work that goes into making your art. You can also work with an agency with connections and in-house specialists who do guest posting services to get your content to bloggers.


Most clients want you to meet them at their convenience. They might lose interest in your stuff if they must click away from your website to search for your online store. You could make things easier for them by embedding links to where they can buy your artwork. You can also create an online shop right on your site. In this case, your website visitors can complete the purchase without any redirection.


A logo is an excellent way to take your art career to the next step and get you noticed. You don’t have to design a complicated logo that will take time to complete. A good logo can be as simple as your signature or a symbol that your audience can recognize as yours. Tap into your creative side and do deep introspection to determine what other people associate with you or what symbol you resonate with most.
Tip: You can also outsource logo design to a freelancer to make it fast.


Unless you sell your art locally, most of your potential clients won’t get to see your pieces in person. Therefore, it would be wise to take quality photos with high resolution so your audience can see your art for what it truly is. Capturing the true essence of your art also means portraying it in action. For instance, if you created a glow-in-the-dark painting, you could take a picture with the lights on and off so your audience can get the full experience.


People who have amassed an enormous following online are valuable in helping you get exposure to your artwork. Once they introduce you to their audience, chances are your content will get more engagement and conversion. Connecting with influencers is also excellent if you want to combine two different audiences. For instance, you could liaise with a fashion blogger and bring together your art-based audience and their fashion-based audience.

However, finding the right influencers to partner with can be tedious. An excellent solution to this predicament would be to use blogger outreach services like Outreach Monks which work with influencers to help secure relevant links to increase traffic to your website and boost your SEO rankings.

Photo courtesy of Freepik

Photo courtesy of Freepik


As an intelligent artist and entrepreneur, you shouldn’t trivialize the power of social media in boosting the reach and visibility of your products. However, you could miss the mark if you post on the wrong platform. First and foremost, we advise you to determine which platform your target audience uses and make it your primary focus. You can then tailor your content and visuals to suit your chosen platform to reach your potential clients. As you continue posting on your leading platform, don’t forget to use other social media platforms to broaden your reach.
Tip: Tap into new platforms like TikTok to showcase your art


Gone are the days when clients were more engrossed in the final product. In addition to marveling at your art, your visitors and potential customers want to know why you decided to get into the art industry and where you draw inspiration. Perhaps telling your unique story could be the key to pushing your art into the world and reaching your target audience to notice you. Optimizing your store copy gives your audience a chance to connect with you on a deeper level and cherish the pieces you make.


One other clever way to take the tedium out of trying to promote your artwork without compromising on the effectiveness of the process is to encourage your followers to share your work. If you are yet to find a creative way to incentivize your audience, you could ask them to tell a friend or loved one about what you do. You could also create giveaways and get your audience to make a post that mentions your company or uses one of your hashtags. The winners could go home with an art piece of their choice or a gift voucher.

Photo courtesy of Freepik

Photo courtesy of Freepik


Chances are you have come across numerous artists struggling to gain exposure for their work in your niche. Teaming up with these artists is a budget-friendly yet effective way to push your own work into the market. They could introduce you to their audience and vice versa, allowing you to cast a wider net. You could also learn from the artists you interact with and incorporate the new skills into your creative process to develop better art pieces for your portfolio.


The biggest mistake you could make as an artist is an inaction. Failure to take the first step will leave you stuck in your current situation. You wouldn’t want to leave your stunning pieces tucked away in the attic when you could find a new home for them. It would also be a shame to let other people talk you out of your dreams and vision. The best time to start working on your goals and get exposure for your unique art is now!

Author Bio: Imala Green works with Outreach Monks as senior content head. She holds her expertise in business and technical writing. Her aim is to provide information about advance business trends worldwide, along with changing working parameters in an easy language.


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