“Weaving Thru The World” Sustainable A...

“Weaving Thru The World” Sustainable Art Sculpture Unveiled in Sydney

It’s common to walk around any city in the world and find street banners and festival flags hanging, but what happens to those flags when they are no longer needed?

World Square, a premier shopping center located in Sydney, Australia, recently partnered with creative hot shop VANDAL to commission a sustainable art sculpture. The sculpture was developed by artist Gabrielle Filtz and is titled “Weaving Thru The World”.

“The recycled materials used in the artwork consist of discarded fabrics, ribbons, and rope from old City of Sydney street banners, festivals, and flags – including Mardi Gras festivals. Collected from Reverse Garbage in Marrickville, I loved using discarded materials to create public art, rather than seeing it end up in a landfill.” Says artist Gabrielle Filtz from VANDAL.

World Square Marketing Manager, Marina Zarnitsyna says “Bold, bright, and unique artworks have overtaken the entrances and laneways at World Square, enticing passers-by into the precinct to explore the dynamic mix of over 100 food, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and essential service stores. The Spanish Stairs at George Street is one of the highlights of this bold and colorful project.”

Gabrielle Filtz wanted to not only create an oversized public art sculpture but also ensure the artwork could be created in a sustainable fashion. “I’m very proud of the sustainable use of recycled materials,” says Filtz. “I kept asking myself how the artwork can show Sydney, and the wider world, that we are creating a beautiful statement piece and also be mindful of the delicate ecosystem on this beautiful planet of ours.”

After multiple trips to Reverse Garbage in Marrickville, she was sure she had a colorful palette of recycled, reusable mediums to work with.

Filtz used Old City of Sydney street banners, ribbons, rope, and fabrics to create her masterpiece. By purchasing recycled materials from Reverse Garbage, she supported their recycling contributions and also gave life to Sydney’s cultural heritage for art lovers and city-goers to enjoy!

Hannah Smith is the Features Editor for Art Business News and Social Media Marketing Manager for Redwood Media Group. With a marketing expertise and passion for writing, editing, and all things social, Smith enjoys working creatively and bringing Art Business News stories to life.


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