Eyecatcher Exhibition Opens at Artrocks Design Gal...

Eyecatcher Exhibition Opens at Artrocks Design Gallery


The global pandemic has led brick-and-mortar stores to pivot by serving their customers online. Art lovers now peruse museums and galleries from the comfort of their own homes, but a major question still circles, “when will they reopen?” In Montreal, Canada, Art Rocks Design Gallery has reopened its doors showcasing their latest exhibition, “EYECATCHER”, an art photography exhibition by international photographers.

“EYECATCHER” highlights the photographer perspective on exotic landscapes and wildlife, surreal portraits, and artistic nude fine art photographers are presented on glossy acrylic or mounted on varnished brushed metal, all in limited editions, hand signed by the artists. The exhibition features 30 art photographs by eight local and international photographers. Learn more about the exhibiting photographers below.

Jackson Carvalho

Jackson is a contemporary artist born in 1968 in the Northeast of Brazil, having studied photography in several educational centers, among them the International Center of Photography (ICP), New York, IIF – International Institute of Photography, São Paulo and Future London Academy, In London. He holds more than 160 international awards in his work, Jackson Carvalho unites with balance and creativity works of art centered on fusions and manipulations of traditional images taking the viewer to a universe of dreams, fantasies, dramas beyond his own personal emotive load, resulting in images that are a mixture of beauty, absurdity, and chaos, with refinements of a dark atmosphere and metaphorical intelligence. Jackson’s images are composed of an improved light domain technique and refined post-production. Jackson Carvalho has already exhibited internationally in the USA, Europe and Brazil, having most notably participated in his photography, Jackson Carvalho covers several topics such as Wildlife, Landscapes, Fine Arts and Cityscape, always with a very peculiar perspective and a creative streak in his compositions and chromatic approach and a black and white marked by high levels of contrast. In his conceptual works, Jackson directs his models for strong and dramatic expressions associated with creativity contained in the topics under which deals with his photographic art. Jackson Carvalho lives today in Toronto.

Nicolas Abou 

Nicolas has lived in 6 different countries and traveled around the world. His travels have made him want to capture everything from landscapes to the fleeting moments of life in order to make the memories eternal and shared to others.

Wojtek Jakubiec

Wojtek is a freelance documentary photographer and videographer based in Montreal. Born in Poland, he lived in The Andalusians, Algeria, until the age of seven before settling down in Montreal. It was his trips to West-Africa in his twenties that sparked his interest in photography. He later enrolled in Dawson College Photography program from which his photo-essay “Stories from Behind the Bell” earned him the Patron’s Award. Wojtek is regularly on fashion and commercial assignments.

PARAISO_UNICO_Mexico-Wojtek Jakubiec photographerjpg

Paraiso Unico Mexico by Wojtek Jakubiec


Anonymous artist Nikriva explores the unconscious by transforming everyday objects into enigmatic creations where words and images play with the viewer through puzzling titles that are an integral part of the artworks.
Nikriva’s signature hoodies represent a way to hide the identity of the artist, at the same time symbolizing the intrinsic human need to reveal one’s real nature.
The viewer is absorbed into a playful world of transgression and morality, clues and revelations.

David Lozdan 

David’s passion for photography began when he was a teenager growing up in London, England. He continued to pick up his camera throughout his 10 years of working in the music industry, where he had the good fortune to support music legends including Herbie Hancock and Ornette Coleman. Always with a camera in hand, the opportunity of achieving the ‘shot’ motivates him continuously. Today, David spends his time focused on the creative balance between photography, music, and commercial ventures working in the technology sector.

Christian Chapot 

French autodidact photographer (Cannes) traveling the world through many journeys, Christian Chapot has been able to acquire a mindful openness to the diversity of his images. His many encounters fascinate him as well as the places where he goes. Winner of several photo contests (“Chasseurs d’Images”, “Photo”) Christian always tries to capture the atmosphere, the beauty, and the perceptible emotion that is offered to him in the present moment.

UNDERWATER LOVE -Christian Chapot photographer

Underwater Love by Christian Chapot

Kirsten Meier

Kirsten Meier, the native of Germany, discovered her love for photography after graduating with a Master of Arts in Literature and Cinema from Sorbonne University in Paris.

This soon grew into conceptual photoshoots that now define her work.

Settling in Montreal, she has founded the Art Rocks Design Gallery in 2018 with the international photographers who have left an impression on her.

Visitor information

Exhibition dates: May 29, 2020 – September 1, 2020 

Exhibition location: Mademoiselle Earth, 367 B St Paul East, Montreal, Canada


Wednesdays: 11:00 a.m.-5.00 p.m. 

Thursdays and Fridays: 11.00 p.m. – 9 .00 p.m. 

Saturdays and Sundays: 11:00 a.m.-5.00 p.m 


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