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Make Your Art Gallery Marketing Strategy a Masterpiece on Instagram


If you want to share your art gallery with the world digitally, you need a platform to do so. In a social media dense world, it can be difficult to narrow down the right site for you. Instagram is one of the best visual platforms out there, with its user-friendly features, photo editing capabilities, and not to mention, millions of users, it’s the perfect application to showcase your work.

Now that you have picked the platform, you need to create a strategy that will increase your audience. Here are nine steps to follow to make your art gallery marketing strategy a masterpiece.

1. It’s a journey not a destination

You want to document the process of what goes into your art gallery or the art itself. To do this, take pictures of the journey. It can be progress pictures or a time-lapse from start to finish. Your audience will enjoy seeing the process as it adds a human aspect.

Your marketing strategy needs to incorporate a variety of images. Yes, you want to post photos of your finished product, but add in pictures of the process as well, your audience will appreciate the work behind your final product.

2. Track your audience engagement

Engagement on Instagram is measured by likes, comments, and shares. Even if you post regularly, which is vital, you’ll notice a difference in engagement within your posts. The Instagram algorithm is ever-changing so you’ll want to develop a community within your profile to assure your posts will be seen by your followers. The best way to build a community is to follow people, and engage with your followers by liking and commenting on their posts and replying to comments on your own posts.

You do not need tangible incentives, like free products, to engage followers. They are following you for the potential content you will share, so make sure it is relatable, unique, and true to your brand. Instagram also allows you to take your creativity further by captioning your images. Use humor, history, or personal stories to captivate your audience, and don’t forget to include hashtags!

You can try and facilitate a conversation on your Instagram picture, as well. There are many ways to get people liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts. Make sure to pick one and watch your engagement soar.

3. Your Instagram art gallery feed should look cohesive

Luckily with an art gallery, you will and should have a lot of images to choose from. It is essential that your Instagram feed looks professional, elegant, and memorable when someone visits your profile. Use filters, plan your content, and use different apps to spruce up your feed.

You also want to make sure that the content on your feed is well written and proofread. Try tools like Best Writing Services, Thesis Writing Service, and State Of Writing to ensure your posts are ready for the masses.


4. Always improve through analysis

Pay attention to your competitors on Instagram. There will always be accounts with more followers, but that does not necessarily mean they have strong engagement. Analyze your competition, take note of what you like (and dislike) about their accounts and see what you can improve on your own end.

Once you figure out what works, try and incorporate it into your posts. That is not to say steal their ideas, especially if it is attached to their brand. However, you may find strategies that work well for them. For example, you may discover that quoting a famous author every other post is exciting for your audience. Improve your profile by utilizing the explore section to examine other pages on Instagram.

5. High-quality content

This one is a no-brainer. Try to take the highest quality photos you can. That doesn’t mean the highest pixel either. Pay attention to the borders of your photo, and the angles, among other things.

Clive Kutter, an Instagram expert from Academized and UK Services Reviews, says, “if you are serious about producing the highest quality photos, you may want to use a software program. There are so many out there for free, or you can pay for a premium one.”

6. Using proper tags

Make sure you are using hashtags on every post. You want to make sure the hashtags are relevant to what you are posting. If you use random ones, then Instagram’s algorithm will pick up on that, and it may affect your performance.

For example, if you have a painting of flowers, do not hashtag the word beach.

If you need help figuring out what hashtags to use, take a look at what your competitors are using. Find out what hashtags get the most engagement and stick with them.


7. Using social influencers and endorsers

Instagram influencers are easy to find. In the last few years, the number of social influencers has skyrocketed. Research and find a social influencer that enjoys art. Instagram allows you to direct message profiles, making it easy to develop relationships with influencers. It may cost a bit, but it may be the best way for you to get your brand exposed to a vast audience quickly.

8. Sharing other people’s work

Support other artists or galleries in your social network. Find someone you admire, it could be a friend or an inspiration and share their work with your following. In return, they may share your work to their audience. Seeing men and women support each other on a social platform shows your followers that you are connected in your community and care about the success of fellow artists.

David Green, a social media manager from Student Writing Services and Essayroo, offers some advice, “you can also go out of your niche and find someone that has a page you like. If you share their things, they may share yours as well. If they share yours, you may pick up new audience members you may have never gotten.”

9. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram has an impressive feature called Stories. You can share a picture or video through Stories and they will remain on your profile for 24 hours. This is a great way to engage your audience. Stories allow you to take videos, so get creative! Show your audience a new piece you are working on, talk about your inspiration behind it, and utilize the features within stories to get feedback on your work. This is an awesome way to humanize your page and elevate your content. By exposing your personality, it will allow your followers to get to know you, which could lead to higher engagement.

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Follow these nine marketing strategy steps to make your Instagram art gallery profile a masterpiece!

 A tech journalist for BoomEssays and Australian Help, Aimee Laurence, enjoys all things gadgets. Her area of expertise is email writing and conversions. In her spare time, Laurence works as a freelance editor for Essay Services.


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