From Silver Screen to Fine Art Frames: Jane Seymou...

From Silver Screen to Fine Art Frames: Jane Seymour’s New Line with Fotiou Frames

By Linda Mariano

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When we think about the framing industry, we think of mouldings, mats, glass and all the equipment it takes to bring those elements together to create a beautiful frame. Whether it is a piece of artwork, a memento, an award or myriad other things that we want to display, the frame design completes the look. Step into a frame shop or gallery, and you’ll find an amazing number of choices. How does the consumer know where to begin?

As design professionals, our job is to help. Fotiou Frames and its new Jane Seymour Moulding Collection bring a beautiful branded line that both designers and consumers can trust.

“Jane Seymour is an Emmy- and Golden Globe-award-winning actress, artist, designer, author and philanthropist, who has proved her talents in virtually all media,” says Barry Diamond, Fotiou’s chief marketing officer. “Her love of art, color and design was the driving force behind this signature collection and the unique finishes created for each series.”

In an interview with DECOR, Diamond provides more details about the vision behind the new collection. He explains how the vision for the branded line began and how the relationship with Seymour evolved into the creation of a whole collection.

DECOR: Tell us about Fotiou Frames: your history, your position in the framing industry and your goals.

Barry Diamond: Fotiou Frames was established in 1972 and currently has three locations: Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada; Rancho Cucamonga, California; and Nashville, Tennessee. Our product selection consists of more than 1,800 designs imported from artisans throughout the world, many of which are original designs exclusive to Fotiou. We are known for our artistry, innovation and workmanship, which have all played their part in distinguishing us from other companies. Our goal is not only to provide the best customer service and quality products to our dealers, but also to offer them as much support as possible to help them grow their business.

DECOR: What is the concept and vision behind the Jane Seymour partnership and the design collaboration for the Jane Seymour Moulding Collection?

BD: The concept of the design collaboration and the partnership is based on a few components.

Our concept was based on understanding that frame shops and galleries continually strive for new ways to bring more customers and awareness to their businesses. We wanted to create a campaign based on the knowledge that consumers and home decorators will follow the creative influence of a notable spokesperson they relate to, trust and admire, much like the effect that Martha Stewart had on the home-decor and craft market. We wanted to create a campaign that will support our dealers and drive more traffic to their stores, which is something that has never been done by a supplier in our industry, at least not to this extent.

Jane Seymour makes frame selections for her new line with Fotiou Frames (original paintings by Jane Seymour).

Jane Seymour with moulding selections from her new line with Fotiou Frames.

With that in mind, we partnered with Jane as an advocate of fine framing and design. We feel that Ms. Seymour is a perfect fit, as she brings a new energy to the framing world and will be a valuable asset to the entire industry by empowering our audience—both framing retailers and consumers—with a better understanding of how to add color and style to their decor through creative and beautiful designs. Jane’s celebrity and universal message resonates with people and gives strength to our goal of offering consumers a clear style direction to assist with the daunting task of selecting a custom frame design among the many hundreds of styles available at a frame shop or a gallery.

Additionally, Fotiou has always been known as a leader of fine-quality moulding styles and innovative designs. With this partnership, we are presenting not only new and exciting styles but also a new mindset, one that will continue to drive new trends in the industry.

We are promoting the partnership with a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign, including advertisements in Architectural Digest and House & Home magazines, plus Facebook, Pinterest and other social-media platforms. We are also providing our Jane Seymour Moulding Collection dealers with a point-of-sale kit that includes the corner samples, posters, counter signs, window clings and postcards to reinforce the branding and marketing efforts, as well as increase awareness at the retail level.

This collaboration has been very exciting, and we believe we have truly captured Jane’s creativity and inspiration in the collection that we intend to expand for some time.

DECOR: Describe the collection for our readers.

BD: For the launch, we began with three series of mouldings: the Wave Series, the Sea Glass Treasure Series and the Malibu Nights Series. The colors, textures and shapes of the ocean and beaches at Jane’s home in Malibu have influenced the frame styles in each series. Whether it is the shimmering patterns from the reflections of the sun onto the ocean waves, the soft palette of sea glass or the pearlescent colorings of the shells, all of these elements, which are so important and influential to Jane, have been integrated into the design style for this collection.

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Jane Seymour models an ocean-inspired frame from her Sea Glass Treasures Series.

DECOR: When did the collection launch, and what has been the reaction from both your customers and consumers?

BD: The collection launched at the beginning of June 2014, and the reaction has been tremendous! Our dealers are thrilled with the direct-to-consumer marketing campaign and the added exposure they are receiving from our efforts. And they are telling us that their success with the Jane Seymour Moulding Collection began immediately from the moment the corner samples went on display. We are also hearing feedback directly from the consumers that they are enchanted with the oxidized finishes and strong color palettes of the frame styles, in addition to the craftsmanship and quality of the product itself. They’ve told us they love being able to have a brand name that they can trust, like Jane’s, and bring her sense of design, color and style into their homes.

DECOR: How has Jane worked with Fotiou on the collection’s development, and how will she work with you now that it has launched?

BD: We have been very fortunate to collaborate with Jane and Susan Nagy Luks of Coral Canyon Publishing, Jane Seymour’s art director, at every stage of the collection’s development. From the initial consultations for design, style, color, finish and every element needed right up to the launch, Ms. Seymour has been part of every process and approved each of the designs in the collection.

Jane is also very involved in the promotion of the collection and the education behind the campaign. Whether it’s the blog entries on the website, outreach through her social-media pages, appearances at trade shows or media interviews, she is very committed to being a partner in getting our message to the consumer. Our mutual goal is to create more awareness and get more people thinking about and using custom framing. It’s good for Fotiou and the Jane Seymour Moulding Collection, and it is good for the industry!

For more about the Jane Seymour Moulding Collection with Fotiou Frames, visit

With a career that spans 30 years, DECOR Managing Editor Linda Mariano is a leader in marketing, brand management, e-commerce and promotion initiatives. Through her company, LM² Art Marketing & Licensing (, Mariano brings her expertise and years of experience to help art-industry leaders and artists develop their marketing, branding and business strategies. She can be reached at



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