Marcus Payzant’s ‘Yellow Collection...

Marcus Payzant’s ‘Yellow Collection’

Marcus Payzant’s soft yet texturally rich images transform the mundane and the random into the complex.

“I’m inspired by setting boundaries and then trying to figure out how I can break those boundaries to take a piece to a different level,” says Payzant. “The limitless possibilities associated with making art are enticing and inspiration enough to keep working.”

Payzant received his master’s degree in fine arts from the University of Texas at Austin and has exhibited works in California and the Southwest. Throughout his career, Payzant has embraced the challenge of his art and says the breakthroughs are an “addictive reward” that propels his work forward.

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
60″ x 96″

See more of Payzant’s work in ABN’s Summer 2013 “30 under 30″ feature.


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