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Inside the mind of an art critic

Inside the mind of an art critic

Richard Speer doesn’t spook easily. As art critic for Willamette Week, Portland’s highly regarded alternative weekly newspaper, Speer has strolled through galleries in and around the Oregon city for more than a decade. He’s seen unsettling creative work, including William Pope.L’s giant reverse image of the United States made out of 5,000 rotting hot dogs. He’s also seen an upscale-gallery show featuring the paintings of Rama—a 21-year-old Asian elephant at the Oregon Zoo. Still, when Speer walked into Breeze Block Art Gallery in Portland’s Chinatown arts district last March, he felt as if he’d entered a haunted house … albeit one from someone’s bland, colorless childhood.

How to Work with Galleries

A roundtable discussion of artists’ most-asked questions by Terrence Lynch “How do I get my work into an art gallery? What can a gallery do for me? What would a gallery ask of me?” There comes a point in most artist’s careers when he or she confronts the question: “Can I make a living at […]

Your “No Excuses” Daily Top 10 for Sales Success

Start—and end—every day in a great way at your gallery by Linda Mariano Start your year off right! Whether you’re new to the art business or an experienced gallery owner, dealer or artist, to make this year a good one you need to know the sales basics that serve as the foundation for a successful […]

Art vs. Commerce: The Artist’s Eternal Conflict

How to pay the bills without abandoning your creativity by Chris Dellorco To sell or not to sell, that is the question, Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous creativity, Or to take arms against a sea of marketing and sales…. Every artist, from Michelangelo to Pollock, has […]

Commission THIS!

The delicate dance of working for hire by Kevin Canfield About five years ago Jivan Lee (JivanLee.com) decided to create a painting of a home in Mamaroneck, New York. “Just for fun, I was painting the entrance of where I was staying at the time, which was my sister’s house,” Lee recalls. “A neighbor saw […]

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