How to Use Creative Art Partnerships to Give Back ...

How to Use Creative Art Partnerships to Give Back to Your Community

The art industry alone generates over $166 billion in economic activity annually. Art creates tremendous community impact by empowering citizens and increasing social wellbeing. Art has also been found to be of great value in commercial projects. A recent study of business leaders conducted by the national art consulting firm NINE dot ARTS found that 96% of respondents believe art improves the experience and quality of life for people who use a space where art is displayed.

Strategic partnerships between artists and businesses can be used as a substantial mechanism of goodwill to foster relationships and further the philanthropic mission of any organization.

Here are a few things to consider when you combine the impact of art commercially with community connection.

Photo credit: Jesse Starr; artist: Marley Seifer


Art can become a visual representation of your brand and your company’s commitment to giving back. For the Inn at Riverwalk, utilizing art as a community-building mechanism is a conscious choice. As a 25-year-old independently owned property, The Inn focuses on a mission-driven mindset by creating unforgettable memories for guests.

By incorporating art in guest rooms and in the hotel lobby, guests can find a sense of place. The Inn focuses on art that pulls in the vibrant colors and movement of the surrounding environment. The goal when choosing art is to capture the spirit of the Vail Valley, creating a unique eye-catching attraction for The Inn’s guests.

But the art serves a dual purpose. In addition to telling the story of our brand and local area, one particular mural was chosen to share the mission of a deserving local organization and the people they serve.

Guests who stay in the freshly revitalized Roundup River Ranch Room will not only be met with a lively collaborative art creation that tells a story of a local nonprofit’s impact, but they’ll also be doing good in the process. Each time a guest stays in the Roundup River Ranch Room, 20% of the proceeds will go back to the organization to support life-changing camp programs for children with serious illnesses and their families.

When incorporating mission and vision into your creative art partnerships, consider creative ways to communicate both your brand and nonprofit partner’s mission within the art you choose. Use art as a way to visually represent more than words can convey by creating a truly emotive piece. As an added bonus, call for assistance from local artists and community volunteers. This creates a shareable space for your brand and allows volunteers to leave their mark on your property for years to come.


One of the key ways art and culture strengthen communities is by placemaking. Through an authentic partnership across artists, community members and businesses, art can advance important issues spanning a wide array of topics.

Ultimately, creative placemaking strengthens and informs communities in a number of ways. For The Inn at Riverwalk, art serves as a vehicle to connect the community to a nonprofit and direct additional energy and resources towards the nonprofit’s mission.

The project serves as a community-driven collaboration between The Inn at Riverwalk and Roundup River Ranch. Local artist Marley Seifert created an outline for a 92×92 inch canvas within a hotel room, which was later filled in by Roundup River Ranch beneficiaries and volunteers. The result is an iconic and vibrant piece that not only shares the beauty of the hotel’s location but also the life-changing services Roundup River Ranch offers.

Commercial organizations interested in partnering with local community entities should first identify where to focus their outreach. Then, work to cultivate relationships with artists and nonprofits to tell the unique stories of the area and the nonprofit organization, its struggles and its triumphs. Finally, look for ways to garner additional monetary or volunteer support through community involvement, awareness, and events focused on the art piece.

Photo credit: Jesse Starr; artist: Marley Seifer


The key to brand building and creative placemaking is the collaboration fused between business, artists, and community or nonprofit organizations. Through these relationships and open dialogue, true community change can begin to take place.

When considering partners with which to collaborate and support, consider those who share in your mission and values. The Inn at Riverwalk has supported Roundup River Ranch for years primarily because of Roundup’s undeniably positive record of providing support to a worthy cause while maintaining impeccable reviews from beneficiaries and excellent communication with its partners. The compassion and dedication displayed by their volunteers and staff through the Vail Valley community create an undeniable reputation and The Inn at Riverwalk is keen to support as an independent hotel bent on being a positive member of the community.

When selecting the most worthy artist to create your art piece, consider local voices and unique perspectives. Diversity and representation are key to telling the unique stories of your area and discussing crucial community issues. Beyond being a smart business decision, investing in art can help demonstrate your values and build connections. Nearly 70% of stakeholders surveyed by NINE dot ARTS strongly agree that art’s goal is to build social and cultural capital. By featuring a variety of voices, people can experience new things and open their worlds to new perspectives. They may even see themselves represented in art where they traditionally have not, which can be a powerful tool in ensuring art resonates with its audience.

Photo credit: Jesse Starr; artist: Marley Seifer


As consumers begin to travel again for leisure and entertainment, it’s vital for hospitality organizations to find ways to set themselves apart. This is why it’s crucial to understand your hotel’s brand and the story you want to tell your guests. For some entities, this may be increased luxury and a sense of peace. For others, it could be convenient and ease of access to larger attractions.

The Inn at Riverwalk has always put focused attention on family-friendly engagement and a sense of belonging within our community. We believe that creating unique experiences should be enjoyed with those you love. To further support this, The Inn provides games, bike rentals, snowshoes, a ski shuttle, and incredible access to regional amenities.

That’s why the Roundup River Ranch mural room was an easy decision. It not only serves as a point of delight for guests staying in the lively painted space, but it also serves as a conversation starter about the importance of supporting one another. It is one more way to keep family and kids at the core of what we do.

It’s also why we chose to work with Roundup River Ranch, whose mission is to create opportunities for children with serious illnesses and their families to discover joy, confidence, and a new world of possibilities. Ultimately, it’s more than just a mural on a wall. For the kids at Roundup River Ranch, the partnership is a way for campers and their families to receive support and resources, all while finding happiness during challenging moments.

Looking for opportunities to delight does not have to be only in the physical structure of your facility. Find ways to share a message or unique point of view. Start a conversation with your guests and use visual creative presentations to help guests connect further with your story and mission. Ultimately, strive to connect their stay with the core of why you’re in business.


It’s no secret that art has the power to expand knowledge, connect viewers to important issues, and even impact the bottom line of your business. In a world shaped by purpose-driven content and deep community roots, it’s essential for businesses to put an emphasis on their philanthropic strategy.

It’s time to stop thinking of art as something to be found in a museum. Companies should consider how to incorporate art into their daily operations and their physical structures. Art can build brand identity, drive value and create demand. Those who will be most successful will also incorporate it into the heart of what they do.


About The Inn At Riverwalk

The Inn at Riverwalk invites guests to create unforgettable memories at higher altitudes in Colorado’s Vail Valley. Located in The Riverwalk Pedestrian Village, the Inn has been an Edwards, Colorado staple for 25 years. Situated perfectly near the world-renowned ski resorts of Vail and Beaver Creek, this 60-guest room and 7 condominium boutique hotel encourages guests to embody the spirit of adventure in the Rocky Mountains year-round while enjoying the best of their iconic mountain town. In addition to nearby outdoor recreation, local shops, restaurants, and stunning views, Inn amenities include a riverside pool and hot tub, outdoor fire pit, fitness center, coffee bar featuring Lavazza coffee, gear garage, Sundry Shop, and a seasonal ski shuttle. The Inn is proud to offer pet-friendly rooms, welcoming the four-legged family members of guests with special accommodations. The Inn at Riverwalk welcomes guests to stay, play, and get away, with endless adventures awaiting them right in our backyard. For more information on The Inn At Riverwalk, visit

About Roundup River Ranch

Roundup River Ranch enriches the lives of children with serious illnesses and their families by offering free, medically-supported camp programs that provide unforgettable opportunities to discover joy, friendships, and confidence.  Annually, hundreds of children coping with cancer, blood disorders, organ transplants, and other serious conditions and their families benefit from Roundup River Ranch’s intentional and empowering camp programs. Roundup River Ranch is located two and a half hours from Denver near Gypsum, Colorado along the Colorado River. Roundup River Ranch is proud to be a member of Serious Fun Children’s Network, a growing global community of innovative camps and programs that provide life-changing support to children with serious illnesses and their families founded by Paul Newman. For more information about Roundup River Ranch, visit or call 970-524-2267.

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