Benefits of Hiring Professional Art Handlers

Benefits of Hiring Professional Art Handlers

Art might be your career, or you’re an avid art collector, or maybe you only have a couple of art pieces in your home. Either way, art is expensive and worthy of being handled the right way. The last thing you want is to damage precious pieces due to improper storage. Hiring professional art handlers isn’t something only rich people do. It’s the smart way to get your art to its destination safe and sound. And, of course, you want to avoid any potential damage, theft, or loss. Therefore, if you need to move something between cities or cross-country, it might be good to get informed about fine art moving insurance. Hiring a reputable art handling company will help ease potential stress and offer answers to any questions you might have.


Art moving is indeed a challenging task. Nevertheless, if you hire professional art movers, your relocation process is guaranteed to go much more smoothly and efficiently. Above all, you will be sure your valuables arrive at your desired location unharmed.

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There are many advantages to hiring professional art handlers. Here are a few to think about:

  • It saves you time
  • You know your art is safe
  • High-standard service
  • Experienced staff
  • Special protection and insurance
  • Proper handling at the new location
  • Less stress for you


We’ve all heard this good old one: Time is money. It means don’t waste time, rather earn money. What does it have to do with art, you wonder? First of all, moving heavy art pieces can be time-consuming. By hiring professionals to do this kind of work for you, you can dedicate your time to business.

Many people have the wrong idea that hiring an art moving company means spending more money. But unfortunately, when they attempt doing it by themselves, it often results in wasting precious time and damaging the piece they tried to move.


Nothing is better than the feeling of safety and security. When it comes to fine art, it’s all that matters at the end of the day. Hiring experts in the field means you put your goods in a professional’s hands, diminishing the worry about potential negative outcomes.

There are many companies out there who do this kind of business, but in the end, it all comes down to:

  • Good references,
  • A job well done, and
  • Client satisfaction

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If you are considering hiring skilled professionals to handle your art, find experienced and reputable moving companies. They are recognizable by the years they’ve been in the business and their professional website with customers’ recommendations.

When you work with professionals, you can be sure they will handle your possessions with the utmost care and attention. Besides the usual packing and transport, they can also deal with the related tasks for you. For example, they can take care of all the bureaucratic permissions, provide insurance coverage, handle customs clearance issues, and more.


When moving, shipping, and packing art and antiques, especially for long distances, experienced and highly trained people are needed to handle them. Professional shippers are trained specialists who maintain the highest packing and shipping standards from the beginning to end of the process.

Art moving companies organize training courses to teach their staff proper art handling techniques and how to deal with logistics challenges. Therefore, when hiring professional art handlers, you can be sure your precious pieces are in the right hands, and you can focus on other important things.


Insurance is always a good idea. However, if you seek professional help, you are on the right path to avoiding any potential negative outcomes.

To guarantee the safety of your art possessions, art shipping companies improve their security system all the time by using innovative and trusted methods. Moreover, these companies will only hire people who have passed numerous background checks and have experience handling fragile items, such as antiques.


And the job isn’t done once the art is shipped. An essential part of the art relocation process is the installation that occurs at the new destination. Of course, packing, moving, and storing your art are important, but installing the art in its new location is another essential element.

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Imagine that, for example, you have a large painting that needs to be put high on the wall or above a staircase, but it’s only left in the hallway. If you hire a well-trusted art moving company, they will handle this for you upon arrival.


Shipping art anywhere, but especially in long distances such as internationally, can be stressful, and even dangerous. Experienced art handlers will ensure your art relocation process is stress-free. They are always ready for unexpected interventions, emergencies, various accidents, or bad weather. Moreover, thanks to their innovative technology systems, they can easily identify any problems and solve them quickly.

Finally, with professional help, you can ensure your items will get to their destination on time and in excellent condition. All of which means less stress for both the shipper and the recipient.


Whether you need to transport canvas pieces, multiple large artworks, or just a few, hiring professional art handlers means ensured safety and a well-finished job. Knowing your artwork is wrapped, packed, shipped, and installed properly by professionals eliminates an enormous burden. They will also answer any questions you might have, giving you confidence in the services provided. Therefore, get informed and choose the right art logistics provider who can meet your needs and requirements. Good luck!

Author’s bio: Natalie Stokey is a freelance writer who mainly works for Fairfax Transfer and Storage. Her specialties include writing about transportation, packing, unpacking, and storing precious belongings of her clients. During the past decade, she has had the opportunity to work with numerous artists who needed their work meticulously handled. As a result, she became interested in finding out about artists’ lives and works and started writing blog posts that incorporated art into home design and remodeling.

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