12 Entry-Level Positions to Begin Work in Arts

12 Entry-Level Positions to Begin Work in Arts

Getting an education in the arts and building a career in this field can be a tough start. People passionate about art usually possess outstanding creativity and taste combined with exceptional knowledge and skills enough to produce new ideas and make others interested and inspired. Working in this area gets even more difficult for people with no relevant diploma.

However, the arts are divided into a myriad of different subfields, allowing creative people to focus on aspects that interest them the most. For example, careers in fashion design and architecture seem to be entirely different, but they are still united by creativity.

If you are one of those talented, aspiring young people who want to pursue their career in the arts but have no idea where you should start, here are a few interesting entry-level positions that might get you started.

Extra Actor

If you dream of becoming a successful actor, but it seems this is just a dream, it’s high time you start acting. Literally and figuratively speaking. There are lots of extra actor jobs offered to people of different ages. You’ll definitely find something that fits you the best.

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

“Silhouette of Three Performers On Stage,” by Kyle Head, licensed under Unsplash Licence

Being an extra is a great option for people who know little about movie-making or have only theoretical knowledge. It helps you learn the process from within while taking part in it directly. Quite often, extra acting turns into a small role.

Photo/Video Blogger

No matter how controversial it is, we’ve decided to list photo and video blogging among the artistic professions. It happens quite often that successful bloggers without education in the arts still present beautiful and informative materials to the audience. It definitely becomes a form of art, which makes blogging a great start for a respective career.

Therefore, if you have a passion to share with others, consider blogging as a path to go. It allows you to be independent while sharing an alternative form of art with a large audience of people.

Fashion Design Assistant 

The role of an assistant to a fashion designer is great for people willing to help others craft their personalities and gain confidence through clothing and accessories. Before one gets to create collections, a great idea is to start by learning from those who know the drill.

Fashion design assistants usually have a lot more autonomy than it may seem. Quite often, they take part in the creation of a collection line and technical direction. And it’s a great chance to learn from the best before getting into a solo career journey.

Architectural Assistant

Mistakes made when designing buildings may be fatal. That is why recent graduates often look for substantial training and supervised practice before they are ready to assume this responsibility. Starting off as an architectural assistant is the best way to study the details and get ready for a more independent role.

Photo via Unsplash

“People in Building”, by Aranprime, licensed under Unsplash License

Fortunately, given the rising demand for highly qualified architects, most of them end up in need of a team of assistants. This is your chance to try out as an architect while learning from more experienced team members.

Interior Design Associate

Making one’s home a favorite place to go is also a work of art. Interior designers are those people who develop fascinating designs for homeowners to make their dreams come true.

At the same time, associates or assistants to interior designers help them meet budget restrictions, develop creative solutions, improve designs, while also keeping an eye on the administrative workload and regulations.

A former student is a great fit for an assistant’s position because the latter teaches one to develop a designer routine and act fast in a dynamic environment.

Art Administrator 

Lots of art galleries and museums open every year in different cities across the world. They all need staff to run operations, manage workload, and communicate with vendors.

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

“People Standing Near Statue” by Zalfa Imani, licensed under Unsplash License

Even though the duties are mostly administrative, deep knowledge of art and history is required. Should you possess it, landing a job at a museum or gallery can be a great start with a perspective to end up earning a top position.

Gallery or Museum Curator 

Of course, popular galleries will hardly hire a starter for the position of curator. However, think about small museums and art galleries of local or regional importance. There are high chances that your entry-level resume will be considered.

If you land this job, you’ll manage the exhibition sites, arrange the display, help visitors navigate, etc. Your role will be to help art lovers enjoy the artifacts and art pieces without causing any damage to them.


If you are great at painting and proficient in using modern software for image creation, you can use those skills to start your career. No one even expects you to hold a diploma if you can provide creative ideas and bring them to life.

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

“Tuned on Macbook Photo,” by Theme Photos, licensed by Unsplash License

Illustrators often work in teams if there’s a big project to be done. However, you can also start your path as an individual contractor completing short-term small projects for businesses in advertising, publishing, or video production.

Art Technician

Recent graduates or today’s students can start their careers in the arts by getting employed as an art technician. This role is very practical – you should set up the equipment and samples needed by students to study art. It often includes studio preparation, software installation and checkup, and so on.

If you think that helping those in whose shoes you’ve been not so long ago is a great opportunity, give it a try. Any school, college, or art institution will gladly have you, should they be looking for a technician.

Graphic Designer

Another great option for you to start off a career in the arts is to land a job as a graphic designer. This is indeed a great opportunity to create while staying flexible and self-employed. Most students studying graphics begin their professional path with freelance graphic design projects.

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

“Turned-on Black iPad and White Apple Pencil,” by Theme Photos, licensed by Unsplash License

However, there are companies willing to employ students or career starters full-time. All you need is to seek options that fit your goals the best. The more software you know, the higher the chances to land a nice job.

Art Teaching Assistant

Teaching skills comes with practice. So, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up in a teacher’s position right after graduation. A more probable scenario is to get a job as a teaching assistant. Basically, you’ll be involved in classroom management, lesson planning, sometimes teaching, and conducting individual consultations.

Having all of that in mind, art teaching assistant jobs will not only let you practice art and share knowledge. You will also advance further by keeping abreast of all the newest trends.

Fine Artist

Whatever your competence is, you can start creating original works of art from your studio or even home. There are lots of websites where art connoisseurs buy works of young artists if they see potential in them. Do add visual appeal to your artworks and try your chances of getting recognized.

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

“Blue-Hair Brushes in Vase”, by Fallon Michael, licensed by Unsplash License

However, before you start, you need to be prepared that not every artist ends up being successful and renowned. Apart from talent and skills, there is also such a thing as luck. Be prepared for any outcome but never give up creating art if this is something you want to do.

Final Words

Art is a huge field where it’s often hard to draw lines. Human genius and creativity often cross the limits. They make people try different paths before they find the one that calms their hearts.

That’s why art students and people passionate about art are recommended to try themselves in various areas. It will help them find their true selves. The more confident they are about the choice, the better they will perform in the field.

About the author: Elizabeth Shirley is an author working for EssayHub where students can order an essay and expect the highest quality. He graduated from art school and knows a lot about the problem of finding the right career for creative people. With this goal in mind, Elizabeth authored this article and listed a few entry-level positions to start off if you’ve just finished school.


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