Marketing Hacks for Introverted Artists

Marketing Hacks for Introverted Artists

If you are here – no need to go to a fortune-teller – you are probably an introverted artist. Or you got lost. In any case, this post should be helpful for anyone who does not know how to proceed with selling personal creative work, be it a shy aspiring artist or just a newcomer to the market. The market environment is a scary and challenging place, an endless sea of opportunities and hidden reefs, and you have to navigate through it. To do it, you’ll need a map (or a plan) that will get you to your destinations. Let’s draft it.

The first step – pinpoint your initial location 

We all are unique people with our strengths and weaknesses. You must know yourself. Do you dislike all talking, or only with strangers? Can you stand the critic of others, or is it too much? It is vital to know your limits and how far they stretch. The truth is, you will have to leave your comfort zone at times. It is inevitable if you want to get somewhere. The trick is in the preparation and patience. Knowing oneself is a better way to balance one’s strengths against weaknesses.

The second step – define your target audience

Defining the target audience is the classic. Basically, it is your destination (or its vicinity). It does not need to be statistically accurate data. We are making a draft, remember? Your interests and style might change in the future, and the same goes for your audience. For the moment, you should not think far away. What type of people would appreciate your art? Keep that foremost in your mind and plan.

The third step – choose your platform

Next, we need to make a sailing boat, a gallery(r)y of your art. It will be your promoting vessel. Old-fashioned Facebook, noisy Twitter, dandyish Instagram, visual Youtube, your self-tailored website, or something else – every type of media has its set of rules, potential audiences, and requirements. It is your turn to deal the cards.

Here, the first two steps are becoming handy and merge with the third one. You should carefully examine all your aces, what you lack, and which way you go. If you know how to make and edit videos, you can monetize your talents on YouTube. Photos? There is Instagram to frame those. Do you want to leave catchy or profound thoughts alongside your art – there is more than enough leeway to choose.

But, you might exclaim, “It is not that easy!” Yes, indeed. This is where you have to steer the outcome.

The fourth step – balancing and keeping afloat

To advance, you need to consider it all. What is it that you cannot stand? Do you think that Instagram is a great marketing place, but you hate the idea of handling it? Are you a painter or sculptor in your soul and heart, but you do not want to get close to posting? Do you simply not know what to choose?

First of all, do not agitate beforehand. Take your time. There is no necessity in jumping headlong into unknown waters. Go back to the first step. Remember, there is always some way around it:

  • You may ask your friends to help. Find a co-conspirator, an advisor, or needed support.
  • Also, you can try experimenting with concepts. What do you not like about Instagram: stories, selfies, your photography skills? Maybe, you will discover a compromise in cutting out some elements while improving the quality of others. Consider creating a closed profile and make it your training ground. Show it to your friends and ask their opinion.
  • Is Twitter too loud and crowded? Leave it for others. There are many other places and opportunities to work with; you are not obliged to force yourself to use something overly alien or exhausting.
  • In case your friends can’t help you, find professionals to back you up. For example, you can hire freelancers to do specific jobs (advertising videos for your art, taking control over your account and promoting it, etc.) or reach out to proven experts in the field (SEO outreach service to boost your site) as a way to get the best safeguards for your projects.

No one pushes you to make a certain decision. And you can always turn back. Don’t forget you are the captain of this ship. Do as you like. Stop everything whenever you feel like it. Drop anchor from time to time to chill and relax. When something does not work as it should, try to find another approach. Working smart has to be your motto!

The fifth step – do it better

It’s all about practice. Knowing your weaknesses, you probably want some of them to disappear. Again, nothing too cardinal or hasty – one step at a time. You don’t jump into side splits or ice baths right away. Preparation is the key. Break challenges and problems into smaller portions, then deal with those. Educate yourself: read books, watch tutorials, take some online courses. Maybe you will learn about extra tools that will fit your narrative. As long as you do not stop completely and keep moving forward, there will be growth and development. Solutions will appear to you more often and you will get better.

The draft for uncharted waters

Be honest with yourself throughout the journey. Unless you are honest, you will have issues evaluating your progress. People tend to turn a blind eye to their faults and mistakes, never learning from them. As a result, they repeat the same mistakes over again. For instance, if multitasking is not for you and makes you feel overwhelmed, consider changing your methods. The whole point of this journey is to get closer to your dreams and not burn to out along the way. There are no strict defining rules. There are only recommendations. This is your map to success – only you can draw it and no one else.


Introversion does not cancel the successful marketing future of your brand. It may define you to a certain extent, but it does not outline your limits. If you are persistent at whatever that your heart desires, you will achieve great things. Just be smart, patient, and eager to learn.

Author bio:

Frank Hamilton has been working as an editor at guest posting service Adsy for a year. He is also a professional writer in such topics as digital marketing, SEO, and blogging.

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