How to Grow an Art Page on Instagram

How to Grow an Art Page on Instagram


Being an artist means using your art to express your feelings. No matter what type of artist you are, social media is a good way to showcase your artistic abilities. If you are an artist who just started posting on social media platforms like Instagram and is intending to grow an art page on it, then there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Initially, it may appear that success on Instagram is linked to the number of followers you have. But this isn’t completely true. Several Instagram art pages have thousands of followers, yet no likes, comments, or engagement on their posts. Likewise, they have zero business profit. That huge number of followers is just a façade, and nothing is interesting and motivating to its followers about it. Take your time to grow your page on Instagram.

If what you share is genuinely beautiful then the right followers will automatically come to you. To help you out in the process and make it simple, here are a few tips to grow an art page on Instagram.

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Choose a niche

A niche and a relevant theme are very important when you wish to grow an art page on Instagram. Many people find this step trivial and believe whatever they post will be beautiful to attract followers. But this approach can attract a divergent audience which is not particularly desirable. What you want is the right audience — this way you know what they expect from you and you can deliver for those expectations. This will also happen when you have an appealing theme. Use the right colors, not too many, depending on the type of art you do. This will help them recognize your art easily anywhere on Instagram. You want to continually find a connection with your audience.

Develop a proper Instagram profile

Having a proper Instagram profile works like magic for growing an art page on Instagram. There are a few steps to do this properly.

  • Don’t choose a random user name:

The name of your page is your identity. It defines who you are and what you do. So, choose a name that suits your art. It should be striking and yet easy to remember. It can be your name or your tagline, either of which will give connection and relevance to what your audience sees and reinforce your brand at the same time.

  • A relevant profile picture matters:

Your profile picture should be such that people recognize who you are the minute they see it. Also, try to be a bit illustrative. Don’t keep it simple. It should reflect your style. Use something that appears in your artwork frequently.

  • Mention your full name:

If people find your artwork appealing, they’ll probably be interested in knowing more about you. They will likewise check your art page for your details. So don’t shy away from mentioning your full name in your Instagram profile if it isn’t already your user name. Let them know it’s you behind all those stunning art pieces.

  • Craft the right bio:

The 150 characters in the Instagram bio must reflect your personality. Focus on adding and mentioning yourself as an artist and what type of art you practice. You can use relevant emojis too. 


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Post consistently

Posting consistently on Instagram gets you where you want to be. Hence, the count of your daily posts is very important and should be consistent over the long run. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the number of posts made daily is directly linked to getting new followers. But at the same time, you should be determined to post regularly. Don’t forget to show variety in your posts, make them appealing. Try to post at least once or twice a day and throughout the week.

Follow fellow artists

There are thousands of other artists like you on Instagram. Each one of them has their own unique identity in terms of the artwork they do. What you can do is you can simply follow them and support them. Like their posts and comment on them. Let them know what you feel about their artworks. This will show them that you truly are an artist and not just a random admirer. Chances are their followers will be curious as to know who you are and may end up following you as well. This will help you in building a strong community of artists while you grow an art page on Instagram.

Spice up those hashtags

Although we urge you to utilize hashtags that bode well with your posts, that doesn’t imply that on the off chance that you post a photograph of a sculpture, every one of the 30 hashtags you use must be explicitly about sculptures. Artwork photographs can incorporate hashtags about workmanship, inventiveness, motivation, being a craftsman, where you are based, selling work, or even commissions if you offer them! Blend and match them depending on the thing you’re posting about.

What’s more, try to distinguish your hashtags when you post about shows, media highlights, works in advancement, and the sky is the limit from there. Make hashtag blocks for every one of these situations (or download our rundown below to utilize as models!) and save them in your notes.


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Instances of approaches to fluctuate your hashtags:

  • Medium: #sculptors #collageartistsoninstagram
  • Area: #seattleartist #londonartists
  • Craftsmen: #womenartists #artistsofcolor
  • Style: #abstractartists #expressionistart
  • Shading: #ihavethisthingwithpink #colorpassionjoy
  • Materials: #workonpaper #oilpaintings
  • Subject: #petportraits #landscapeartists

Try to get featured on well-known art sharing pages

Instagram has several pages that provide a boosting platform for growing artists and their artworks. Try to search for a good and relevant art sharing page that accepts humble requests to feature your art with credits given to you on their page. Many such pages may provide free service but there might be some that require payment. If you are going for a page that takes money for featuring your art, see how many followers they have and what type of audience engagement they get. Try to see how many likes and comments they receive on their featured posts. Remember, audience engagement rather than the number of followers matters the most.


These are a few ways that will help you to grow an art page on Instagram. There are many other ways as well, but these are some of the most effective and widely used methods in the process. Once you investigate a bit further, you’ll be astounded at the number of artwork pages that have more modest followings with authentic followers but have created higher engagement and higher benefits with their audience than others. Additionally, more than just followers, this is a way to construct a community of companions around you; friends and fans who love what you are doing and are eager to see where you’ll be going in this art venture of yours.

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