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10 Artists and Art Business Influencers to Follow on Social Media

Influencers to Follow

Social media has changed the way we perceive, appreciate and sell art. Some years ago, success as an artist was measured depending on how many works of art were exhibited in galleries. Today, social media has changed this significantly. 

As an artist, you can use social media to validate your work, by the number of endorsements from your followers and the quality of your work. Social media offers an artist the possibility of going right to their target audience and showing their work. Artists can even sell their art online and skip galleries and concentrate solely on social media. 

Artists using social media have the opportunity of sharing the special techniques they use in their art. They also can become known by other artists and galleries, creating a base for future opportunities. They can also become popular among art lovers who can see their art and learn the artist’s story, all by just sitting at their computer.

Take a look at social media. Use it as a tool to achieve your goals. Find the artists and art industry on social media that inspire you and follow them. Here are several impressive and inspiring artists and art business influencers to add to your list of people to follow this year. 

1. Bansky (@bansky)

Almost everyone has heard of Bansky, but no one really knows who he is. He has made himself known with his artwork that makes a political, social, or environmental statement. He makes a statement or proves a point by creating art on public properties, becoming instantly famous, causing conversation, and inspiring artists worldwide.

Everyone should follow Bansky. He is a source of inspiration for artists, as well as art curators and art galleries. Bansky is always looking to prove something, doing everything necessary to succeed. Remember his tableau “Balloon Girl” which shredded into pieces after it was bought at an auction? Bansky declared that he built the shredding mechanism into the large frame so that exact result would happen. 

2. Anonymous (@whos_who)

This account is popular because it helps introduce new artists to the stage, so if you have an art gallery or want to discover emerging artists, then this influencer is perfect for you.

It presents works of art that are strikingly similar and compares them side-by-side. The names of the artists are revealed in the comments or descriptions. 

3. Benny Or (@bennyor)

Benny is an artist that initially trained as an architect. He began to merge architecture and art and created himself as a hybrid environmental design artist. If you are an art lover or an artist needing a little inspiration, follow Benny Or on Instagram.

Besides his works of art for Ringling Brothers’ Circus, he constantly updates his feed with photos from art galleries or museums. Also, he is an important part of the art community in New York and often features cameos with other important artists. 

4. Adrian Cheng (@adriancheng)

Adrian Cheng is not an artist, but an art influencer. He collects artisanal objects and helps artists promote their work. He has always been visible with his support and promotion of art and this helped him become an important art influencer.

Adrian founded the K11 Art Foundation and an art mall in Hong Kong, a hybrid between a shopping mall and an art museum. It shows important and pioneering works by local artists, giving them worldwide exposure. If you want to be updated on the latest art changes or the newest artists, follow Adrian. 

5. Olek (@oleknyc

When you think about an artist, the first thing that comes to your mind are paintings or drawings. Art is more than two dimensions, and this is what Olek is proving. She is a visual artist that creates works of art using yarn and other types of fibers, covering existing structures.

No matter if you are an artist, an art business owner, or an art gallery curator, Olek is a source of inspiration for everyone, managing to turn something ordinary into a spectacular work of art with unexpected fiber materials. 

6. Wylie West Creative (@wyliewestcreative)

The account is run by Boo Simms who creates stunning and impressive works of art as murals or illustrations. Most of the works are full of happy and vivid colors, creating a positive, inspiring vision for the viewer.

She likes creating all sorts of art, including gift baskets and even accessories with dried flower petals. She has become an inspiration, turning simple things into incredible works of art. Boo also likes using watercolors, so she is very diverse in her creative endeavors. Every art creator should follow her. 

7. Velvet Spectrum (@velvetspectrum

If you expect to see typical art on this feed, you won’t. Instead, this Los Angeles based design studio is creating digital works of art. They work with important brands like Nike and help them create amazing and stunning visuals or illustrations for their branding.

If you are a regular art visitor or an artist who loves digital manipulation, then you should follow @velvetspectrum on Instagram.

8. Nancy Spector (@nespector)

Nancy Spector is the artistic director and art curator at the famous Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Of course, the museum collects a wide variety of art and makes it accessible to the public. On Nancy’s Instagram feed you will see works from a range of artists, known and unknown, making her a strong art influencer. If you want to discover new artists and get inspired, follow Nancy Spector. 

9. Richard Mehl (@richardmehl)

Richard is a Creative Live teacher at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, as well as a photographer and graphic designer. If you love vivid colors and interesting shapes, then definitely follow Richard.

He shares his personal works of art on his account, as well as the works of his students. If you need some inspiration as an artist or just want to see perfect shapes painted, Richard is a fascinating artist. 

10. Os Gemeos (@osgemeos

Os Gemeos stands for “twins” in Portuguese, so this account features the works of art of a pair of twin brothers from Sao Paulo. Osvaldo and Gustavo Pandolfo love all forms of art, from street art to sketching or painting. They have over a million followers and are an important presence in the world of art. If you need inspiration or you are an art curator, their works of art are very colorful and inspiring. 


The artistic world is constantly emerging and new artists are constantly joining in to share their talents on social media. Some of them might be unknown, but if they get noticed by an art influencer, it can help them become more known.

If you need inspiration or just want to look for works of art to be exhibited in your gallery, then these 10 social media influencers will offer you the variety of artwork you need. 

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