Perspective on Email Marketing to Millennials

Perspective on Email Marketing to Millennials

If we were to look at all the different types of marketing out there from a ROI standpoint, email marketing would emerge as a clear winner. However, you still have to ask yourself whether or not email marketing is still relevant and whether you should invest in email marketing for your business or your art? You need to consider that, not just because social media has emerged in the last decade or so, but also because the majority of your target audience might be made up of millennials.

Why are they so important though? Well, that’s because millennials have become the largest consumer group in the world. They are also very cultured and have a soft spot for art in all of its forms. This also begs the question whether email marketing is still relevant for millennials or not. In order to find out the answer, we have put together a list on the millennial’s perspective on email marketing in 2019. Keep on reading.

1. They Hate Generic Emails

In the olden days, all you had to do was send out a generic mass email and wait for your audience to take the bait. It was nothing more than a numbers game. Millennials, however, are looking for brands and companies which are able to provide them with a more personal experience. This also includes highly customized email content. According to marketers at Brill Assignment, the solution is to go beyond addressing your millennial audience members by their first name. You should segment your lists as much as possible, use email automation tools, and all the other information and technology you have at your disposal.

In case you are an artist or an art dealer, you need to adopt a similar mindset and identify what draws people to your artwork. For example, if you are a photographer or a painter who likes to create stunning landscapes, try and think about your favorite memories from nature and share those with your audience in your newsletters. After all, art is all about getting us to think or stirring up powerful emotions, and by tugging on the heartstrings of your audience or stimulating them intellectually, you will motivate them to be more responsive and engaged. You can also share your inspiration by linking to some articles about certain works of art which have had a profound effect on you as an artist.

2. They Use Multiple Channels

Even though millennials are obsessed with social media, that is not exactly a threat to email, because they like to rely on multiple channels in order to be informed as much as possible. This means you should find the channel they prefer to use the most and use all the others to round out the experience. For instance, you would use social media in order to upload images of your products for your millennials audience to see, and then send newsletters and special offer via email to their inbox, with direct links to your store.

As far as artistic applications are concerned, you can also make use of all those channels, plus you can take advantage of physical mailing. While there is nothing wrong with presenting your art in digital form, it’s an entirely different experience when an art enthusiast receives a glossy magazine in which your art is featured in a visually pleasing manner that does it justice. You can also accompany each image with your own personal notes or explanation behind each of the works presented. Not only are they getting valuable information about your art, but they will also have something nice to put on their coffee table, or a desk inside their office or lobby.

3. They Read Their Email before Bed

Although it is common knowledge that it’s best to send emails early in the morning, between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., you might want to reconsider that tactic when it comes to your millennial audience. Since they use mobile devices to check their email, they are more likely to go through their inbox in the evening and before they go to bed. Morning emails do get engagement, but you should always rely on an A/B plan in order to determine the best sending times, and this case is no different. If possible, try and make your emails enticing enough, so that your millennial audience comes back to them later in the day, in case they haven’t read it in the morning.

4. They Want You to Engage Them

One of the things that makes millennials unique is they disdain for being told what to do, so adopting that approach in your email campaigns is not going to yield any meaningful results. You want to engage them and make them feel as if they are making the decisions and calling the shots. That means you should always ask questions in your emails and include calls to action, as well as write follow-up emails. After you have sent your email, think about what your audience’s next step should be, and then engage them again.

Frequency also plays a role here. Depending on how productive you are as an artist, you may have enough material to write and send out emails on a weekly basis, or a couple of times a month. However, even if there isn’t any big news on your end, you should never go more than a month without reaching out to your audience and engaging them. If you find that people are reading and responding to your newsletters, then you can rest assured that you have nailed the right frequency.

5. They Like to Be Provided with Something Exclusive

Because they grew up with technology, millennials are very skilled at using it, especially when it comes to finding information that they need. That means they will have no trouble finding your blog, website, podcast, social media, or YouTube channel. However, you can turn email marketing into your secret weapon through which you will provide value they can’t get anywhere else. Not only should you offer exclusive tips, tricks, discounts, previews, and information, but you should also provide them with a behind-the-scenes access or an opportunity to ask your CEO a question. It all boils to giving them something that others don’t have.

If you are working on a new piece of art, there is nothing more exclusive than providing your followers with behind-the-scenes look at your creative process. Not only are you providing them with a rare glimpse into your little world, but are you are also getting them excited for one of your works which will be finished in the near future. In other words, you are getting them primed for each new unveiling. And speaking of unveilings, you can always send an invite to special events, such as gallery openings, discussions, and art courses. They will certainly appreciate having access to all this exclusive information and content.

6. They Love Their Mobile Devices

This is the main reason why you should opt for responsive design, because you want your email to read equally well on both desktop and mobile screens. With mobile, you will have to optimize your emails, so they can read quickly. This includes using proper formatting, plenty of white space, images which can be loaded quickly, spacing out your links, and including large call-to-action buttons which can be tapped with ease.

Obviously, in case of art, you will have to upload some high-quality images featuring your artwork. While you may not want to skimp on the quality, you will have to think about compressing images, so they take up less space, and less time to load.


As you can see, if done right, email marketing can be relevant for your millennial audience, especially if they are interested in art. In fact, if you decide to implement everything we have talked about here, it will become one of the best tools in your arsenal for engaging them and making them feel unique. And that’s all they are looking for. Good luck!

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