Promote Your Art Website on Google Today with Thes...

Promote Your Art Website on Google Today with These SEO Tips for Artists

Content is pulled from all parts of the web in order to compile the results you see in Google. So, if you’re looking to have a strong Google presence you need to create the right content in the right places. The more relevant content you’ve got to offer Google, the higher in the rankings you’ll climb.

If you’re an artist looking to boost your Google rankings and create a strong presence, these SEO tips will help get you where you’re going.

What is SEO and why it matters?
SEO or search engine optimization is a process of affecting your online visibility and chances of appearing on the first page of Google search results. This is important because people will be able to find you more easily and this will get you website traffic, engagement, shares and so on. The more people see your content the better – and good SEO practices can help you get many eyes on your website.

There are many search engines out there which are more or less popular. But, you should focus on optimizing for Google because it’s the most used search engine. Everyone has it on their phones, desktop devices and other devices and so on. It’s integrated in our daily lives and you’ll get the most attention there.

Get Ranked #1
There are a few simple things you can do to help get you ranked in the top spot on Google. First and easiest thing is to use a domain name that matches your name. When someone searches your name, your website will rank high simply because it’s got your name embedded right there. The more you build your website and expand your reach using the other tips outlined below, the higher you’ll climb in the rankings.

Within the pages of your website, you’ll want to include text. If not, all Google can see are the images you’ve posted. The images alone can help you rank high for searches done by your name, but if you’re looking to be ranked higher for other searches, you’ll want to include text within the pages. Steer clear of embedding text into your images or using Flash, as this renders the text unreadable to Google. An easy way to see if text is readable to Google is to open the website and try to copy that text – if you can’t, Google won’t be able to read it and it will have zero benefits to your SEO efforts.

Put Together a Wikipedia Page
There are certain rules you’ll need to follow when creating your Wikipedia page. You’ll want to start by compiling a list of links from all articles you’re mentioned in online, preferably at least 15 sources. However, avoid anything that you’ve published as Wikipedia guidelines consider this to be biased information. Simply Google your name to see what results appear and start creating the list from there. After you’ve got the list together, you can start putting together the draft copy of your page.

Make sure everything you write is factual information, free from any bias. Cite as much as possible from outside sources – this doesn’t necessarily mean copying and pasting their information, but it will have to be their information you’re using.

“It’s a good idea to have an outside source review or even write your page, to avoid any bias you may not even realize you’re injecting. Find a writer who’s experienced in composing Wikipedia pages, they’ll know exactly what to include and what to leave out,” explains Ben Hunt, SEO Manager at StateOfWriting and EliteAssignmentHelp.

Use Image Optimization
When you’re ready to upload images of your artwork anywhere, always include as the file name, the title of your artwork and your name. If you’re looking to have a high presence in a Google Image search, you’ll want to use this naming tip. This same naming advice applies to any image you’re including on your website, social media platforms or anywhere else you post.

Pinterest is another great resource for creating a databank of images that are easily searchable and can quickly help you climb to the top of Google Images. Create a pinboard to help boost your online image presence.

Use Social Media to its Full Potential
Social media profiles typically rank quite high in Google. When someone searches for a name, generally the first results they see are that person’s social media profiles. So, these are important tools in dominating the Google search results. Any social media profiles you’ve got need to be 100% completed, and you’ll want to post frequently so that Google continues to recognize you as a legitimate person.

YouTube Your SEO
These days, everyone seems to want to turn to YouTube for information on anything. YouTube videos are wonderful because they remain on the site for quite a long period of time and can also appear in Google Search results. Videos are also very easy for an audience to consume, as there is no reading to be done. They’re also easily sharable with just the click of a button.

Within the video title, you should include your keyword, and within the video description, you should be mentioning that keyword 2 or 3 times. A few tags within the description are acceptable, but you may overdo it if you include too many.

Provide SEO Optimized Content
It’s one thing to create content to fill your website’s pages, but it’s another entirely to create content that will actually help to elevate your Google ranking. By putting together SEO optimized content, you can indeed move your way upwards to the top of Google. If you need a little assistance in creating and polishing that content, there are plenty of experienced online resources that can help you put together effective SEO optimized content.


SEO Optimizing Your Art Gallery
When you’re creating the SEO content for yourself, but you are also running an art gallery, you’ll likely want to be promoting both yourself as an artist as well as your gallery. If you’re promoting a number of different artists, you will want to create separate pages for each of them in order to help optimize the search results for each.

Your Google My Business Page should be completely filled in and include as many photos and other information as possible. This is the actual listing that is going to appear in Google Maps when someone searches for the gallery, so you want all of the information to be totally accurate and easy to find.


Nora Mork

Nora Mork is a business journalist and blog editor at UK Writings and Boom Essays. She helps businesses create effected communications strategies, and writes posts for online magazines and blogs, such as Essay Roo.


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