“IMAGE #42 – Has a Red Patch,” C...

“IMAGE #42 – Has a Red Patch,” Cliff Kearns

"IMAGE #42 - Has a Red Patch," Cliff Kearns

This piece is one in a series of highly-textured mixed media collage artworks. Ripped distressed plywood has been used as the base and integrated with other bits of 3D materials which include artifacts of past communication mediums, typography, computer parts, pieces of mirror, Plexiglas, aluminum and paint. This particular piece of wood panel had a hole cut into it which Kearns decided to focus on and patch providing the inspiration and the title.

These plywood paintings comprise a series of about 85 works which incorporate a heart shape, typography of the word “IMAGE” and a particular number that is exclusive to each particular artwork. The heart shape is inclined to bring some element of humanity to an otherwise edgy industrial artwork. Kearns has been maintaining the concept of including the word “IMAGE” and relatively sequential numbers in subsequent work even when the mediums and subject matter has changed.


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