“Blumenkind,” Patricia Zenklusen

“Blumenkind,” Patricia Zenklusen


Patricia Zenklusen designs her wooden sculptures in an unconventional way. She explains, “I work exclusively with the chainsaw. I am fascinated by the challenge of creating something delicate with this tool. It interests me how much elegance I can bring into a figure. At the same time it should stay noticeable, where the limits of this technique are. ”

Physicality and dynamism characterize the distinctive style of Patricia Zenklusen’s sculptures. The organic structure of wood has a special meaning for her, as she says: “Wood has always been my element. To work with it, is something very sensual for me. With each sculpture I find out more about a tree, its history, its task fulfilled. When the tree comes to me [it] has reached the end of its life circle but can still give a lot of pleasure.”


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