“(When She’s) Ten Feet Tall,” Na...

“(When She’s) Ten Feet Tall,” Nan Coffey


This large-scale original painting spans 178 square feet and is symbolic of Nan’s journey as an artist. It is a visual representation of her inner desire to show people what goes on in her head as well as her desire to stand up, stand out and show people that she is capable of creating whatever her mind conceives, and at whatever size she conceives it.

Painting from her heart to the canvas, Nan uses a unique combination of free-form methods coupled with her own stylized design aesthetic to create works that are bold, bright, dynamic, and modern. Nan’s works are filled with expressions of an unending imagination and a passion to always be creating. Her penchant for good music, her love of art, and her wicked sense of humor collide on these ever-increasing-in-size large scale works.


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