Kevin Kopacka’s ‘The One You Feed̵...

Kevin Kopacka’s ‘The One You Feed’

Ethereal and luminous, Kevin Kopacka’s oil paintings capture a fantasy world in which shadowy forms melt into color. Kopacka finds inspiration for this surreal imagery from the literature and poetry of the Viennese Modern Age at the turn of the 20th century. He says elements of the paranormal—“ the notion of things existing that go beyond our perception”—also influence his work. Films, particularly gritty horror movies from the 1970s, affect his art, as well.

Born in Austria, the artist currently studies fine arts at the University of Arts Berlin and has exhibited his works throughout Germany.

See more of Kopacka’s work in ABN’s Fall 2013 “30 under 30” feature.


  1. Alison Salemette

    7 September

    Amazing works!!

  2. Teresa Promreiter

    18 January

    I love the medium you work in and am very much a fan of the “hide on the moon” you tube video.
    Alles Gute fuer die Zukunft!

  3. Roman Kopacka

    5 January

    Nice work!

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