Elsa Muñoz’s ‘Ponytail’

Elsa Muñoz’s ‘Ponytail’

Realist painter Elsa Muñoz explores shadow and light in her oil paintings of figures, landscapes and still life. Nature and personal experiences have a large impact on her work, and her landscapes frequently portray natural disasters.

“I enjoy solitude, creative thinking, and the challenge of conveying a feeling or a thought through the use of images and symbols,” she says. “I’ve always felt a deep need to share what I feel is beautiful and meaningful. Painting allows me to do that.”

Muñoz received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the American Academy of Art, and she has exhibited her work throughout Chicago as part of the collection at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

See more of Muñoz’s work in ABN’s Fall 2013 “30 under 30” feature.


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