Guy Ben-Ari’s ‘Screen (Lamp) – F...

Guy Ben-Ari’s ‘Screen (Lamp) – Floral Diptych’

Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ari has used his interest in “psychoanalytic theory and semiotics” to lay the groundwork for his narrative and nonfigurative paintings. His recent collection explores the technology-driven contemporary culture of image consumption, a “reality through digital media: one that is removed, distant, dissociative, and at the same time very pleasurable and in high-def,” he says.

Ben-Ari received his master’s degree in fine arts from Columbia University and has exhibited his works throughout New York and Israel. He considers himself a “cultural producer” with his message-driven work.

“Making art is a continuous process of finding new, exciting ways to incorporate ideas that seem pertinent to our present experience,” he says.

See more of Ben-Ari’s work in ABN’s Summer 2013 “30 under 30” feature.


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