Abigail Vancannon’s ‘Balancing ActR...

Abigail Vancannon’s ‘Balancing Act’

Abigail Vancannon’s oil paintings capture the beauty in the everyday, suggesting the nostalgia of the 1950s. The inspirations for her Americana portraits and scenes are classic car shows and antique stores, and she creates art that “evokes emotions, challenges thinking and thoughts, contemplates beauty and has great power to reach people in a nontraditional way,” she says.

Vancannon received her master’s degree of fine arts in painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and has exhibited her works throughout California and Iowa.

“I am choosing to pursue the arts as my career, but creating beauty is a part of me,” says Vancannon. “It was what I was created to be and do.”

Oil on Canvas
14″ x 18″

See more of Vancannon’s work in ABN’s Summer 2013 “30 under 30″ feature.


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