Karen Lederer’s ‘Punchcard’

Karen Lederer saturates her paintings in colors and dynamic patterns, and they “revel in excess,” she says.

“I create work that rejects the rigid aesthetic directive of formalism in favor of bold color and pattern,” says Lederer. “I am interested in how these elements change how one sees.”

Lederer received her master’s degree in fine arts in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited her works at galleries throughout the United States. She finds inspiration largely from textiles.

“My mother is a wonderful knitter,” says Lederer. “Wild strings whipped around her hands, producing an abstract color show. I’ve only just started to understand the great aesthetic influence of her constant knitting. A witness to her craft, I [received] a strong appreciation for color and pattern.”

Acrylic on canvas
28″ x 33″

See more of Lederer’s work in ABN’s Summer 2013 “30 under 30″ feature.


  1. Judi Oltchick

    27 August

    The A in your DNA is for ART. How great for your Mom to be your muse. And it goes back generations. We are your great fans.

  2. Tariq Mix

    21 July

    I love the creative, out of the box, conceptual approach. As artist we are always looking for creative ways to bend the rules, and separate ourselves and styles. Karen has achieved the desired goal, while also taking something that was close and meaningful to produce a great piece.

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