Nina Benjamin

Hailing from a long line of editors and picky wordsmiths, Nina has always felt at home and happiest with a red pen in her hand. While pursuing a professional ballet career was her first order of business, after hanging up her pointe shoes she earned her B.A. in Literature and Writing and immediately began working in the publishing field. Nina’s writing has been published in both regional publications as well as national magazines, and she’s been editing professionally for nearly a decade.

With previous positions including copywriter for a luxury outerwear retailer, managing editor of a national tech magazine, and author representative at a publishing company, Nina possesses a breadth of experience in the writing and editing field that gives her a unique perspective and scope of knowledge. A lover of all fine, performing, and visual arts, she’s excited to meld her passion for creativity with her practical skills by lending her language expertise to this leading art-industry company.

Nina Benjamin – Copy Editor

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