5 Ways to Expand Your Art Promotion

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As a talented artist, you have to not only produce captivating art, but also promote it. Your goal might revolve around creating and leaving a mark on the world. But focusing on this alone won’t help in informing other people in the world of art about your work. Ensuring that your work reaches your target audience and potential buyers is important if you want to be a successful artist. If you don’t make any effort to introduce your work to other people, how will you get your unique and captivating pieces in front of them?

Promoting your art should not be a frustrating activity. Remember, you don’t have to do everything right now. Among the most important things about successful promotion is that it should be targeted with your goals in mind. The first step to successfully promote your art is to decide what you want to achieve. As the popular saying goes, start with the end in mind.

If you are an upcoming artist, you may want to focus on building your reputation in your local area. If people in your area know you and your work, you are ready to move on to a national scale. Perhaps you want to leave a mark within the community connected to your profession or identify the people who are interested in your specialized theme or focus.

Look at your current situation and connections and then write down a few goals that you’d like to achieve in the future. Today, we are going to discuss five proven strategies you can use to promote yourself and your art successfully. Let’s get started!

1. Use your portfolio

To develop your portfolio, you have to create good work. This is the basis of all your success. From that good work, you’ll find it easy to develop a brand and persona. A well-done portfolio will make things easier for you during competitions and other community opportunities to show your work.

The most important element to consider in creating the portfolio is the visual reproduction of your artwork because this is the thing that will attract and captivate the viewer. To develop your portfolio, here are some important points that you can use.

  • All your photographs should be of high quality. They should be executed properly to compel your viewers visually. Keep in mind that the visual aspect is what matters in the world of art.
  • Every image should be accompanied by clear captivating text. You should include details including size, title, medium, and a brief description of the work. One of the best ways to capture your buyer’s attention is to tell the story behind the piece.
  • Write a strong bio. When you capture the buyer’s attention, they will always be genuinely interested in your work. Therefore, don’t be afraid to share your background, your inspirations, and what you want to give to art lovers.

2. Network all the time

Building a huge network in the world of art and creating connections is one of the best ways to promote your art. Remember, every new networking connection can expose you to new opportunities that you never thought possible. The best places to network are in workshops, art fairs, or other art events that take place in your area. So, how do you network and build contacts effectively?

  • Art organizations – Art is a business. And like all other businesses, networking is a crucial part of making your art relevant in the art community. The best way to network is to actively participate in art organizations. By doing this, you’ll easily make friends who will become enthusiastic promoters of your art. Art organizations offer resources that will help you strengthen your business model and build your brand.
  • Community events – Art fairs, workshops, shows, and open studios are some of the best ways that provide unique opportunities for artists to connect with art enthusiasts. Additionally, as you become a fixture of these events, you’ll build a reputation in your community. When attending such events, remember to carry your business cards. Also, don’t underestimate word of mouth. Chat with people at the event and respond warmly to their questions.
  • Follow up – Following up with existing buyers is one of the best ways to network. Your old clients are familiar with your work. If they are still interested, you can consider calling them or sending them an artist newsletter to catch up n what you’ve been doing and your newest pieces.

You can also network with other artists and invest your time in building friendships with art professionals. These relationships are valuable because they will provide you with support and inspiration.


3. Get active in the community

You’ll build your reputation quickly when you volunteer to use your artistic abilities within your community. When you volunteer, you can get unexpected opportunities to promote your artwork. Some of the best ways to promote your art in the community might be through:

  • Visiting local schools – Volunteering to go into class and teach students about your art, or art in general, will promote you and your art because schools often host professional artists and investors. These people might become your best supporters.
  • Participating in community projects – The majority of towns today take art to the streets through community projects. Volunteering your artistic skills will leave your mark in the community.

4. Look for representation

Sometimes, working alone can be overwhelming. It’s always good to seek help when you can’t do everything alone or effectively. Working with a reputable gallery is one of the best ways to boost your career progression and achieve your dreams. It is the responsibility of an art gallery to represent you with exhibitions, at fairs, and other community events. They might also be able to get you new high-value clients, locally and even internationally.

5. Make use of technology

The rapid advancement of technology has made most aspects of our lives easier. And that includes promoting your art. At an event, your clients see your work. Online they can see a broader range of your work.  Having a website, blog or social media account dedicated to your craft will open new doors for you in the future. Therefore, make use of technology as much as you can. It’s here to make your work easier and bring that revenue you’re looking for.


The world needs to recognize you as an artist. And the only way to do this is by creating great pieces of art. There is no shortcut to this. When you create a beautiful and captivating piece, you need to get it out there and reach your audience. You’ll need have the courage and conviction to keep on keeping on even when things get tough. Finally, don’t quit when things don’t work out. Every successful artist had to start somewhere. Get busy, start marketing and promoting your art using these proven tips and success will come to you.


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