Denimu’s ‘A Blue Eye’

British artist Ian “Denimu” Berry manipulates denim to create detailed portraits and rich urban landscapes. He believes the universal familiarity of the fabric opens the doors of connection with his audience. His “painting with denim” has received international acclaim from both critics and collectors.

“I am comfortable and confident wearing [denim] in my life, so I transfer that to my art,” he says.

Before pursuing art as a full-time career, Denimu says, the “need to create” influenced him to develop this singular art form.

“The art gave me something— something that was mine and something to represent me—allowing me to be confident in myself, my identity,” he says. “I decided to devote everything I had to it, and I think that will be the greatest choice I ever made.”

Denimu’s next solo exhibition will open at the Catto Gallery in London on Nov. 21.

See more of Denimu’s work in ABN’s Summer 2013 “30 under 30” feature.


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