Bring the Art World Home With Arthouse Films

Bring the Art World Home With Arthouse Films

Lucy Walker’s Waste Land

Ah, movie night. Sure, you could watch Transformers 3. But you’re an artistic type and therefore probably appreciate creativity. So when it comes to entertainment, why not try something from Arthouse Films instead?

Focusing exclusively on art-, music- and culture-related movies, Arthouse Films (“Where art and film collide”) produces and/or distributes around 15 to 20 titles a year, from documentaries about specific artists (c: The Radiant Child) or other figures in the art world (Herb & Dorothy, on art collecting duo Herb and Dorothy Vogel) to in-depth looks at specific movements (Beautiful Losers, a tribute to the ’90s DIY movement) or communities (The Cool School, about the Ferus Gallery and its role in bringing the L.A. art scene of age).

When selecting films for the Arthouse label, founder and partner David Koh notes the company’s devotion to “high-quality theatrical movies about major subjects with worldwide appeal having to deal with art and culture and music subjects.” He’s not kidding about the high-quality part. Case in point: Lucy Walker’s Waste Land, which follows Brooklyn artist Vik Muniz as he visits Brazil’s Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest garbage dump. The recipient of multiple awards on the festival circuit (including at the Sundance Film Festival, where it had its world premiere), the documentary—which Koh highlights as a much-watch for contemporary artists—was nominated for a 2011 Academy Award.

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