Work of the Week: Sunrise by Cassandra Tondro

Work of the Week: Sunrise by Cassandra Tondro

Cassandra Tondro's Sunrise, 20" x 20", repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

When it comes to painting, Los Angeles-based contemporary abstract artist Cassandra Tondro has the spirit of the adventurer. From the materials she uses (her palette of leftover acrylic latex paint—commonly known as “house paint”—is “filled with unusual colors. Once a color is gone, it is unlikely that I will find the exact color again.”) to her techniques (“I push the materials to the max, because I want to see what happens. I’m looking for unexpected and curious effects, and it’s the process of discovery that intrigues me.”), Tondro embraces the nature of her chosen medium, letting the paint speak to her… with gorgeous results, as with Sunrise, ABN’s Work of the Week.

In creating the piece, Tondro utilized a favorite technique of hers, which involves using tools, water washes or her fingers on wet paint poured, pressed, pulled or dripped onto canvas. The imagery she has created then changes and morphs as the piece slowly dries. “In the process of drying, serendipitous things sometimes occur, such as bubbles that pop to reveal another color below,” she explains.

“The colors in Sunrise were inspired by the rich palette of the early morning in the desert Southwest,” she continues. “[I melded] the blues together with the reds, rusts and yellows [to] create the impression of sky and clouds with light peeking through.”

The choice of materials is not just a creative one but also environmentally based for Tondro, who has “a long-standing interest in using nontoxic and eco-friendly materials in my artwork.” To that end, she sources her paint from recycling centers in the Los Angeles area and “mistint” at home improvement stores.

More on this eco-friendly fine artist can be found at her Website,


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