Deedee Morrison Shines Her Borrowed Light in Oklah...

Deedee Morrison Shines Her Borrowed Light in Oklahoma City

Deedee Morrison's Borrowed Light

Renewable energy. Science and technology. The natural world. Many of the varied interests of public artist Deedee Morrison find form in her new kinetic sculpture Borrowed Light, created by the artist for Oklahoma City’s Pioneer Library System.

The 9-foot-high piece is composed of five aluminum columns carved with an intricate, almost delicate, design, which is backed by a bluish-green material. At night the LED lighting inside the sculpture shines through, giving the piece an almost ethereal feel. The combination of industrial-style materials and organic designs are a common theme for the artist, who creates art from a studio located in the home of the Old Republic Steel Mill, now the Wade Sand and Gravel Quarry. An advocate of renewable energy, the Birmingham-based artist “[combines] green consciousness with forward thinking and sustainable designs,” she says. “Each piece of artwork fabricated is a functional solar powered sculpture that pays tribute to natureʼs beautiful efficiency.”

Also reflected in Borrowed Light is Morrison’s lifelong love of reading. Says the artist, “It doesn’t matter if you get that knowledge through a book or an electronic format; the process is the same. Anyone who’s willing to go through the front door of a library has access. Borrowed Light is the information you may encounter.”

Borrowed Light is on display at the Southwest Oklahoma City Library. For information on the artist and her other works of installation art, visit


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