Work of the Week: How Time Flies, by Abbie Kozik

Work of the Week: How Time Flies, by Abbie Kozik

At the heart of Abbie Kozik’s art are two points: One, there is beauty in resilience and survival. Two, to know beauty, we must experience what is ugly.

Kozik’s inspiration springs from the balance in nature between growth and destruction, beauty and ugliness. How Times Flies depicts the destruction-growth dichotomy of beetle kill.

Kozik, recently named one of ABN‘s Top 50 Emerging Artists of 2012, describes the mass destruction caused by the mountain pine beetle, saying, “Regions of forest land have been lost to this destructive force, yet wood that has fallen victim to beetle kill has a material strength, resilience and beauty that is unlike lumber from healthy pine.  The destruction is shocking and messy and yet beautiful.”

She adds: “Events in nature are not random, but happen for a reason. In looking at our world, we have to ask, ‘‘What are we willing to see?'”

Visit to learn more about her work.

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