Work of the Week: Dogus Interruptus, by Jeff Leedy

Work of the Week: Dogus Interruptus, by Jeff Leedy

Wait! This is ART! I’m not supposed to laugh, am I?

Yes you are, because this art is by well-known fine art humorist Jeff Leedy, who defines his work as “The collision of the Impressionists and The New Yorker.”

Leedy won a gold medal in the New York Society of Illustrators’ first Humor Show, beating out 3,500 international entries. He has been invited to exhibit at hundreds of festivals over the past 24 years, including the Sausalito Art Festival. His mission is to make people laugh through his art. Because he wants everyone to have access to his art, Leedy’s reproductions are affordably priced.

So don’t wait until you’re depressed to visit his Website,, or his Main Street gallery in Marble Falls, TX.


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