Craft Shows Go Avant-Garde in Westlake, Ohio

Craft Shows Go Avant-Garde in Westlake, Ohio

The phrase “craft show” brings to mind a number of images, some of them possibly involving middle-aged moms in cat sweaters perusing long aisles of knitted potholders and earrings that required a glue gun as a creative tool. But the 2012 Winter Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show in Westlake, Ohio is definitely not your mother’s craft show. Hosting an eclectic group of artists showcasing everything from jewelry made of recycled American coins to vases made of lightbulbs, this January 29th event is determinedly its own.

A popular theme in the show is the use of “upcycled” elements and unique vintage finds to make something entirely new yet completely sustainable. It’s a method that is not only affordable to the artist, but good for the planet.

“There is a definite nod to the past when viewing some of these vendors and their work” says Becki Cooper, the show’s founder. “It’s really exciting to see what vendors come up with and how they take something from the past and make it applicable to the trends that are popular now.”

Along with finds from antique shops and Goodwill stores, there are a number of eco-friendly vendors at this year’s show, including cosmetics made from beeswax, recycled wine bottle jewelry and purses constructed of old T-shirts.  Outside the recycled and eco-friendly realms, there’s also a plethora of food, pottery, stained glass and home decor items. Basically, something for everyone. So much so that your probably could find a knitted potholder if you really looked hard enough.

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