Say Hello to a New Wave of Palettes

Say Hello to a New Wave of Palettes

Neilson Carlin paints in comfort with New Wave Art’s Academian Palette

“Artists are the most creative group anywhere in the world. And yet a staple tool, the artist palette, has lacked innovation for centuries.” That’s Kyle O’Brien, co-founder with brother Keith of New Wave Art, who is bringing the same sort of imagination one usually finds in a painting to the palettes artists use to create one. The brothers were inspired to create their line of comfortable, easy-to-hold palettes by their father, a painter who designed and built his own palettes after becoming fed up with the poorly-designed versions he had been using for decades.

Utilizing a three-point anchor system that evenly distributes the weight of the palette between the painter’s hand, arm and torso or hip, the result is a tool that is easy to balance and comfortable to hold—a boon for painters who, says O’Brien, may have avoided palettes in the past because of the muscle strain they can cause.

“An artist palette is a wonderful tool to be used as often as desired or required, but it must be comfortable, and that is what we provide,” he says. New Wave Art offers palettes in several different designs in order to better cater to the wide-ranging tastes of its vast client base. The distinctive look of each of the palettes, in addition to the details put into their construction—including hand-sanded edges and furniture-grade finishes—has prompted some users to comment that “the palettes are al- most too beautiful to paint on,” laughs O’Brien. “But we definitely want paint all over them!”

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