Art Gone Wild: Where art goes on adventure

Art Gone Wild: Where art goes on adventure

ABN talks with gallery owners D. Arthur and Lisa Wilson about their journey into the art world together, the message they hope to convey and exactly who Rhupert is. to Launch Fine Art Gallery to Launch Fine Art Gallery, the powerhouse of online shopping, will join forces with galleries to develop an online art marketplace this summer. Last week, Amazon invited several galleries to an informational event held in New York City. The email invites read: This summer Amazon is planning to launch a Fine Art Gallery where customers will be able to […]

How to Work with Galleries

A roundtable discussion of artists’ most-asked questions by Terrence Lynch “How do I get my work into an art gallery? What can a gallery do for me? What would a gallery ask of me?” There comes a point in most artist’s careers when he or she confronts the question: “Can I make a living at […]

The Art of Online Promotion

Whether you’re an individual artist, gallery owner or publisher, selling fine art can be a tough business. Any artist can tout him or herself as the newest, hottest thing on the market, and any gallery or publisher can claim to represent the next great art world phenomenon. But there are two things that separate the […]