Nurturing Successful Partnerships Through Open Communication

Nurturing Successful Partnerships Through Open Communication

Do you like feedback? Most likely the answer is “yes” (assuming the feedback is positive). We all appreciate a reassuring mood boost, and we’ll take as many nice comments about our work as we can get. Whether you’re an artist or a promoter (by which I mean a gallerist, publisher, publicist or agent), we all crave […]

Stephanie Paige Gets Connected

The interaction between humans and their surrounding world is a complex exchange of give-and-take. For artist Stephanie Paige, this relationship stems from an awareness of her connection with nature and her place within it. Using vibrant colors, expansive space and earthy textures, Paige creates art that is both humble and awe-inspiring, never failing to create […]

The Art of Online Promotion

Whether you’re an individual artist, gallery owner or publisher, selling fine art can be a tough business. Any artist can tout him or herself as the newest, hottest thing on the market, and any gallery or publisher can claim to represent the next great art world phenomenon. But there are two things that separate the […]